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  javaBalls 11:56 02 Apr 2008

I've designed a website for a friend who intends to sell his photos as posters or on canvas.

Please take a look and provide feedback.

click here

  mco 19:05 02 Apr 2008

It is too wide -horizontal scrollbar - a no-no - and also, it took ages to load on my laptop. Nice images though, but they should be smaller.

  MAJ 20:57 02 Apr 2008

There are a few spelling mistakes as well, but it looks clean and tidy, all navigation works and I agree, the pictures look good.

  Kemistri 22:32 02 Apr 2008

I have to say that it is artistically lacking, particularly given the nature of the intended content. You claim (click here) that it is W3C compliant vis a vis XHTML Strict, which it clearly is not.

  Forum Editor 09:01 03 Apr 2008

that you have inadvertantly placed the 'about' page text on the 'terms and conditions' page - there are no terms and conditions there.

Your navigation could do with some work, too. Some of the page-top links should really be in the nav bar on the left. 'Links', Privacy, 'About' and 'FAQ' for instance. Site navigation is extremely important, and if it isn't intuitive you'll lose traffic.

I tend to share Kemistri's view about the lack of artistic quality, and the fact that your claim of W3C compliance isn't strictly correct. Image sites need to exude professionalism and quality - it's an indefinable thing to a degree, but it's very important.

  MAT ALAN 22:17 03 Apr 2008

some constructive criticism, most of the photo's are pretty basic, the "tanker on the water" sums it up for me, It is dire!!!
The use of filters for me is a cop out, why not use the variations of natural light, the depth of field is more conducive to the photo's being out of focus.

If you really want people to buy these photo's as memory's of Aberdeen, you gonna be poor!!!

click here

this is the sort of subject matter that will stand you out from the rest...

  javaBalls 22:58 03 Apr 2008

thanks to all for taking the time to review my site.

I've addressed the problem regarding the width of the pages. I've still to view it on different resolutions but I think it's improved now. Thanks mco and fourm member.

Forum Editor, thanks for picking up on the mistakes. I'm considering removing some of the navigation links but for now I've matched up the top and left side links.

Kemistri - yeah I know not all the pages validate but it's still under development and I'll get there eventually.

As for the artistic side of things I agree that it is important for this type of site. However that's as far as my design skills take me for now.

As for the pictures themselves I think they are pretty good.

keep the comments coming.

MAT ALAN - your having a laugh!

  Kemistri 23:19 03 Apr 2008

Take a look at some or all of the eight photographers' galleries that are featured on the home page of Zenfolio. click here. While there, look at some of the gallery designs. Then Google a few photographers' names and see what their sites look like. Then have a look at what the likes of Clikpic and Amazing Internet (both of hich advertise in photo mags each month) offer their customers in terms of designs and templates. All this should provide some inspiration and some form of benchmark, both for the site and the content.

  MAT ALAN 18:20 04 Apr 2008

MAT ALAN - your having a laugh!

No matey!! reality... your photographer friend needs to be inspired by a bit more than bumping a bit of sand up and banging a stone on top of it. The subject matter and the composition of most of the photo's are far from a standard that are going to make him money...

If you thought all the comments where going to be positive, i'm afraid that doesn't happen in the real world.
Of course this is only my opinion and you are probably going to ignore it, so i wish you well with your endeavour, or at least your friends....

  smoking44 00:53 05 Apr 2008

As someone who deals with photographers and their images on a daily basis I will say that this site lacks a wow factor (not in a bad sense). The background colour needs to be darker as to emphasize the images (check this example (click here). Must say that the images are reasonably good in terms of context and use of photographic techniques, will not be everybody's choice of images but then photographs are very subjective as to what a person likes. Most of these images to me are suitable for stock libraries only but if the person can sell them as prints then I wish them well.

  anchor 17:35 06 Apr 2008

I am afraid I agree with some of the comments above. Most of the pictures do nothing for me, and lack originality.

However, I join with MAT ALAN in wishing your friend well.

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