sqn08 15:30 02 Jul 2008

I am considering re installing my Xp pro system, as I am having so many problems.

I expect this to completlely refresh the system, destroying not only good files and installed programs (not windows) but also any undesirables ie trojans etc?Is this the case or can some trojans or viruses still linger. I basivally want to start from the beginning. Its been a long 5 years since the computer delivery.

I have a new external drive, can i save my valualble pics and music and a few word and excel docs on this. And destroy originals on the system to be renewed. then re introduce them back to the desktop?

It all seems dramatic but necessary to get the damn thing to work again?

  Clapton is God 15:37 02 Jul 2008

A thread title which was rather more descriptive of your problem would have been helpful.

Nevertheless, before you go down the format and re-install route, have you tried sfc /scannow?

  sqn08 15:48 02 Jul 2008

Yes I have done a sfc / scannow.

It didn't seem to do much.

I am almost certain I have something lurking in the computer. A full AVG scan, Spybot and Adaware 2008 scan turned up nothing but a few cookies.

I reeectly had adownload ANTIVIRUS 2008 pestering me to buy it, took a lot to get rid of it, after it went I was left with no add remove programme list in control. so I cant even take sure steps backwards a unistall newer programmes as nothing seems to be installed.

any help?

  Clapton is God 16:06 02 Jul 2008

I've just noticed that you have several threads on the go in different sections of this Forum.

Posting what are, essentially, different questions on the same problem won't bring you a quicker response - but it will annoy members.

  sqn08 16:17 02 Jul 2008

no I have jumped to this forum as Im getting no where with my problem.Pulling my hair out as we speak.

Being not very good at computers and facing a difficult choice to loose my entire system. Posing different enquiries might offer up alternative responses from more experienced understanding members.

Sorry to annoy you, but eagerly awaiting any response, you can imagine my disapointment with yours.

  Pamy 16:19 02 Jul 2008

Again before staring again, haveyou tried restoring to an earlier date, ie. before you downloaded Antivirus scan?

  sqn08 16:20 02 Jul 2008

Will try that now thankyou

  sqn08 16:42 02 Jul 2008

I have just tried to restore to an earlier restore point, and I have no options other than earleir today. That is not right.

I have had the computer for 3.5 years and done restores occasionally.

It seems all my history of the computer be it appllications installed or restore points have disappeared?

What can i do?

  sqn08 16:49 02 Jul 2008

I have managed an undo in a fix it programme, which took place last month. This seems to have re inttroduced the list of apps installed to the add remove prgramme list. seems to be back.

So it was the reg.

How do I clean this up respomsibly? any links for tutorials be great.


  peter99co 17:00 02 Jul 2008

Is a good piece of software for getting rid of rubbish in the register and all the other places where uninstalled programms have left the bits. I have run it on three machines now and all of them have improved in many ways.

  peter99co 17:01 02 Jul 2008

also highly recommended in these forums

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