Fed up with keep getting viruses sent by EMail

  SpyMan²°°­­³ 00:40 10 Feb 2003

Over this last month or so i have kept getting Emails supposedly containing screensavers (*.scr) Now i am not stupid enough to open an Email attachment unless it has something i specifically asked for or it is from close friends and family...and even so...i save it to 'my documents' where i then use PC-cillin to scan it.

As i was recieving quite a few of these screensavers from several people i knew who were in my MSN messemger list i decided to check what these files were. So i saved it to disc...scanned the files...and low and behold they were viruses...Yaha.k viruses. PC-cillin then sorted them out.

I know that these people weren't sending me the viruses intentionally, but i am assuming that the virus spreads itself via the address book.

I don't know if any of you have had this same problem but it is beginning to get on my nerves. I am not being sexist in any way but i have a number of both male and female contacts in my messenger list, but these viruses are coming off young females.

Why are they so naive when it comes to practicalities like using virus protection and firewalls. It really gets on my nerves cos now everyone else gets the brunt of numerous viruses being sent daily to my Inbox...which i have now had to change.

Can anything be done about these people keep sending them out accidentally...like there Email accounts being frozen or something...or their computers being confiscating until they learn how to look after their computer..lol.

Tell me your thoughts on this...no doubt they will be interesting

  MAJ 00:48 10 Feb 2003

"Why are they so naive when it comes to practicalities like using virus protection and firewalls."

Do they know about such things, SpyMan²°°­­³? It might be a good idea to get them to install anti-virus software and clean up their machines. Of course, these viruses might not even be coming from them, they could be coming from someone else entirely. Don't go on the email address that's in the From field, some recent viruses change the name in the From field.

  AragornUK 00:49 10 Feb 2003

I hope you can run very very fast spyman :o)

You are very brave implying that the female of the species can't manage their PC.........Good luck

On a more serious note, I don't get vuruses, but in the last 2 months or so my spam mail has rocketed. I use 1 particular account when registering software, joining lists etc and til recently maybe 10 spam messages a month. Now it's suddenly up to 45 a day....Something needs doing about email abuse in general, it's getting out of hand

  Terrahawk 00:54 10 Feb 2003

as MAJ has said above could have come from a spoofed adrclick here

  SpyMan²°°­­³ 00:54 10 Feb 2003

MAJ: Good point about the address changes...could be that.

AragornUK: I can run quick but i hazard a guess that not many young females use this site (eg under 18) so hopefully i might not have to ;-)

  Terrahawk 00:56 10 Feb 2003

oops mucked up the link go to trend micro .com

  Dr Lecter 00:56 10 Feb 2003

No viruses and no Hackers- ah pure bliss.

  DieSse 01:14 10 Feb 2003

If you set your AV correctly, it should be telling you about these viruses before they actually reach your inbox.

Check you've got the email scanning option set up correctly.

  MartinT-B 09:20 10 Feb 2003

you state "...and even so...i save it to 'my documents' where i then use PC-cillin to scan it."

What a slow way to do it!

Doesn't PC-illin have an auto scan facility?

My NAV scans during download and gives me the option to clean, quarantine or delete direct from server. It also scans out-going mails to prevent the spread.

  hoverman 09:45 10 Feb 2003

Please excuse me for repeating myself yet again in response to another thread. Get Mailwasher for extra protection. E-mails can be deleted at the server end without the need to download them. This program has alerted me on a couple of occasions of a possible virus in an e-mail attachment. In order to check if Mailwasher was correct the first time it happened I fired up Outlook Express, clicked on send/receive, and as expected my Norton AV kicked in reporting the Klez virus.

  watchful 10:53 10 Feb 2003

This female uses PC-cillin and it does scan automatically and mine's set to delete.
Incidentally, I don't get any spam and have never had a virus.
Probably spoken too soon now...

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