Fed up with google?

  Housten 17:02 24 May 2012

Good afternoon, everyone,

For sometime now I have noticed that when I look for something locally, I get offered locations/firms around London. This annoyed me, but I wasn't too worried, but in the last 4 to 6 weeks I have become really hissed off with google.

You type something in on their frontpage and what you get up is a matter of pure luck as to whether or not it relates to what you want. This annoyed me, but I then found out why I got stuff reound London. There is a 'location' box when you go into the sites. It lists mine as London. I have tried their 'change location' but when I type in where I am 'Basingstoke', or 'Basingstoke, Hampshire' or even 'Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK' all I get is 'Location not recognised'. I am not an avid town person demanding that Basingstoke is on everything but I do think it is very perverse of google not to have Basingstoke in their database.

So, executive decision has been made and I wish to use another search engine which will not only recognise where I am but also only give me web sites that are relevant to what I want!! The problem is, I think, does such a beast exist? So I would like to hear from anyone who has switched from google, or who uses another search engine completely. Is it worthwhile switching to another or is the rubbish you get from google better still than what other search engines give. I know that some people will swear blind by a particular search engine but I would really like to hear from as many as possible. And no this is not a company trying to get your names and addresses, I assure you!!

I have a dual core machine, running Windows 7 Home Premium with 4 Gb ram. If more information is required please let me know!!

many thanks in anticipation.

  Nontek 17:13 24 May 2012

I have just Googled "Basingstoke UK" it came up with loads and loads to do with Basingstoke!! Try it.

  spuds 17:21 24 May 2012

I haven't really looked into how google works,because I just let it get on with its own thing. But I have noticed with some websites like eBay you can use a postcode for location, and that seems to refine the search pattern?.

Using ASK, I have found problems when you try to remove parts or try to remove completely. Revo Uninstaller seems to remove ASK, if you want try ASK out?.

  Housten 16:12 25 May 2012

Nontek and spuds

Gentlemen, thank you both for your replies.


Yes I am certain that if I 'googled' Basingstoke I would get plenty of stuff. It is not that that I am complaing about, it is the fact that whenever you get to a set of webpage listings, on the lefthand side of the screen, about the midpoint, there is 'Location', and that will NOT let me put in Basingstoke. It may work for others, BUT it has not, does not and I think will continue not to let me amend my location. Why??? How long is a piece of string?


I note your comments, but I don't trust Ask. The few times I have tried to use it, I have ended up going round in circles, so now I don't use it at all.

  Woolwell 16:25 25 May 2012

Well I don't know what you are doing wrong but I can insert Basingstoke (just using Basingstoke). Can you insert any locations?

  Nontek 16:52 25 May 2012

I just changed Locations as per your putting my local town and it worked fine. Are your sure that you click on on 'Set' after changing the name?

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:45 25 May 2012

"Fed up with google?"

There are other search engines, using Google is not compulsory.

  rdave13 20:00 25 May 2012

List of search engines here, but Google, for me, is the best.

Tips on how to search in Google.

Hope that helps.

  finerty 20:20 25 May 2012

if your in the states i can understnad im here in the UK when i google something i get mostly stuff to with the states

  Strawballs 20:31 25 May 2012

If you not happy with it try some of the others then!

  rdave13 20:47 25 May 2012

Are you using Google UK? I don't but when I search and need to find anything in the UK then I simply add UK at the end of the search query.

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