Fed up with BT Yahoo increases. Who is best buy?

  1936 12:30 17 Jan 2011

I have just received the following from BT Yahoo:
This mail is to notify you that your monthly payment has changed. Your new payment is shown below.
They did not say by how much it has gone up but I'm getting fed up with organisations like this assuming they can just bung an increase on.
Does anyone wish to sugest a less expensive service?

  Ashrich 17:12 17 Jan 2011

Would this not have been due to the 2.5% VAT increase ?


  1936 19:12 17 Jan 2011

I don't know if it is for VAT because the idiots did not state what the increase was.
As I was concerned I completed the convoluted form one is required to in order to communicate with them. I then received a reply saying that the original message did not apply to me because I do not pay by direct debit.
I then attempted to ask them if that meant that the increase did not apply to me and I found that the E-Mail was non returnable so I had to complete yet another convoluted form including the line which asks for an alternative telephone number. Its no use saying N/A if one only has one telephone number so one is obliged to place the first telephone number one input in that space.
Its time that I looked at what BT charge and see if a better package is available.

  Strawballs 19:41 17 Jan 2011

This months Magazine has an ISP comparison compiled from users feedback

  1936 20:10 17 Jan 2011

Many thanks. I will read it although I have to say that the thought of moving terifies me.

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