Fed up with Acronis T10

  Chris the Ancient 09:28 02 Jun 2009

Is there a _decent_ alternative?

For the 2nd time this year, Acronis does not back up my Outlook or make any incremental back ups of it. I can't find a way around it. It just says there is an error and asks if I want to send an error report.

I've tried uninstalling with Revo and reloading, followed with a RegSeeker clean up. Then of course, reload Acronis. No good. It still refuses to have anything to do with Outlook (XP).

I have to hard drives. HDD1 partitioned as C: System and D: Data. HDD2 partitioned the same for E: System Back-Up and F: Data Back-up.

I cured it just after Christmas when I did a full OS rebuild - but I ain't going that way again. I want something reliable. Prior to that, I think I did a fudge by just setting up the file path to copy the appropriate bits (hopefully), but fortunately never had to do a recovery.

I would be happy with a sensible back-up program that would enable routine back-ups (on demand) of my System and incremental backups daily of my Emails in Outlook.

Any suggestions, please?


  Technotiger 09:36 02 Jun 2009

Acronis IMHO is Grrreat .... but - Incremental backups are a waste of time. If any one of the daily Incrementals becomes corrupted in any way, then all the others in the chain are un-usable.

Full backups on a weekly basis is IMHO, the way to go, not forgetting to Validate the full backups immediately afterwards.

I always keep my last two full backups, then each time I make a new one I delete the oldest.

  Technotiger 09:40 02 Jun 2009

I have just re-read your Post, why do you mess about with E: System Back-Up and F: Data Back-up? Acronis Full backup does the Lot in one go!

  Pine Man 10:00 02 Jun 2009

I'm with Technotiger on this - a weekly full back up of my entire C drive to a separate drive or more often if I carry out significant additions/removals in between.

I have found Acronis so reliable and System Restore so unreliable that I have disabled system restore and rely totally on Acronis. There is no need to back up data and other stuff separately as you can 'mount' an Acronis image and retrieve any files etc you need that way.

Absolutely Grrrrreat!

  cocteau48 11:13 02 Jun 2009

"not forgetting to Validate the full backups "

within Acronis go:
Tools/Options/Default Backup Options/Additional Settings and tick the "Validate Archive when it is created" box ..... and it will validate automatically immediately after the image is taken.

  prince midas 11:29 02 Jun 2009

Why do you not just make a folder on your backup disk called Outlook and just drag your outlook files on to it,this way you can just reverse the process if Outlook etc crashes.I still use Acronis for a full image of C but I put my other folders into the method I have suggested in case of failure.

  Chris the Ancient 12:10 02 Jun 2009

I back up C: System about every two weeks. I back up D: Data weekly. Emails, I want to to daily because there is so much work-related stuff comes in that I can't afford to lose - and Acronis has thrown the wobbly there which even a reload won't eradicate.

Yes, I can, and have, in the past, worked on doing a back-up of the complete Outlook files instead of trying to do an 'email back-up' that Acronis offers. But having had my confidence made to waver by these problems cropping up again, I don't feel totally reassured that if things went wrong I would get a proper recovery.

  Chris the Ancient 12:12 02 Jun 2009

Emails, I want to to daily = want to DO daily

  Technotiger 12:38 02 Jun 2009

So maybe something like this is more to your liking click here

  woodchip 12:44 02 Jun 2009

As above I just create Images as and when I want

  mooly 12:47 02 Jun 2009

Definitely Acronis for me. Run monthly incrementals, once a week, never had a problem :)
And I back up personal stuff, documents etc to an SD card anyway as and when.
Acronis, as Technotiger says, Grreat. Can't fault it.

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