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  swapper 08:33 31 Dec 2005


I am trying to get to grips with MySQL.

Have uploaded one table but when I attempted to create a second table, I get the message : Error - the additional features for working with linked tables have been deactivated - click here.

Which I did, but there is so much text I just do not know where to start.

Any info please.

  swapper 09:27 31 Dec 2005

I should have written MySQL and PHP:-(

  Forum Editor 09:38 31 Dec 2005

MyISAM or InnoDB tables?

  peabody 11:13 31 Dec 2005

I think I've just been through this loop. I assume you are using phpMyAdmin? If you install the Apache server locally, which comes with phpMyAdmin, the configuration of the latter is set up for the linked-tables infrastructure which give the Relation View for MyISAM files (the default table file type).

It sounds as though your host, like mine, does not have the infrstructure in place. I tried to persuade them to install it for me but they won't as it is outside of their support remit as it's "3rd party software".

The the only thing I can suggest is that you convert your files to InnoDB and then you will have the table linking facility automatically in place.

  Forum Editor 11:44 31 Dec 2005

That's why I asked the question. I suspect that swapper is in the same boat.

  swapper 07:58 01 Jan 2006

A Happy New Year.

I have WinXP Pro, FP2003 and my Host is Web-Mania.
This is my first attempt to create a website with a database.

I started to use M/S Access but then realised that my host does not support that, so I thought I should use PHP&MySQL(which they do support), so bought "PHP&MySQL Book for Dummies" (and I am struggling with that!).

FE, <Are you working with MyISAM or InnoDB tables?>
I don't think I have seen either of these mentioned.
peabody, <The the only thing I can suggest is that you convert your files to InnoDB and then you will have the table linking facility automatically in place.>
I thought that life was easy, I wake up (if I'm lucky), breakfast, if its monday, get on my cart and get the pension, home, switch on the PC and produce this wonderful website (in my dreams) :-))
How do I get InnoDB, is it free, need I buy another Dummy Book?
I'm five foot four inches, am I getting out of my depth :-)))
All these questions!
I really want to have a crack at this, so your patience and understanding would be more that appreciated.

Once again, happy new year!

  Forum Editor 12:22 01 Jan 2006

is the default table type for MySQL, and has the advantage of speed. If data-integrity is critical, then InnoDB is a better bet (in my opinion). If you convert your tables to InnoDB you'll automatically have table-linking, as peabody says.

Before you go further, take a look at this:
click here

and this:
click here

  swapper 18:42 01 Jan 2006

Thanks FE, I will have a read,

Have I got this right please?

1.. My Host (Web-Mania) supports MySQL 3.23, If I use any version
above that then the contents might not be recognised by v3.23

2.. As I have WinXP Pro, somewhere I have an onboard server which I
can use for testing, instead of uploading to my Host each time?
I Have activated IIS, but I cannot find anything about this.

3.. I have hand written the tables that I want to use as my database,
but copied only one to MySQL online. I can easily drop this and start

4.. I should consider downloading and using INNODB with MySQL3.23

5.. I could use the latest version InnoDB


  peabody 21:27 01 Jan 2006

Swapper, your original post strongly implies that you encountered the original problem when using phpMyAdmin - can you confirm that we are not barking up the wrong tree? This is a great facility to create your db and tables and insert/edit your data.

My host (Hosting Unlimited) were happy to flick the switch so that I could convert my tables from MyIsam to InnoDB (although I haven't!) So I would think your host will do the same if asked at no charge.

If you go here click here you can download the Apache serevr to install on your PC and learn all about it locally. It's absolutely first class!

Out of your depth? Nah!! I'm on a pension as well and going through the same process as yourself with the help of the great people you get on this forum. I may be just a couple of small steps ahead of you. Let's sink or swim together! :)

  swapper 07:46 02 Jan 2006

peabody, Hello and thanks for replying,

phpMyAdmin is correct, at this initial stage I seem to be going around backwards, in circles.

Am I correct in thinking, that php&MySQL are all that I need to get my database onboard, and that the Apache server (thanks for the link btw) enables me to construct the Database with php&MySQL on my PC, and view the results, without having to upload it to my Host?

As I said in my previous response, I have bought "PHP&MySQL for Dummies" what I should have bought is "PHP&MySQL for Complete Dummies":-))

I am now going to have a look at Apache.
Thanks for your help.

  swapper 07:47 02 Jan 2006

sorry about that, I double clicked in error :-((

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