Feasibility of graphics card upgrade for a laptop?

  Chamil 13:11 19 Jan 2004

Hi, I have a Dell laptop 1.6proc, 256mbRAM,20GB HD and a graphics card that is ??Nvidia Geforce 2(32MB). My problem is that I was recently given Silent Hill 3 which met specification requirements for everything but as it turns out NOT the graphics card (i think the suggestion was at least Geforce3?)so I can't play it. Is it quite feasible to upgrade a Graphics card in a laptop? and any idea roughly what I might be looking at in terms of cost inc. installment? Plus can you suggest any decent computer shops that can do it for me? Thanks

  Jester2K 13:23 19 Jan 2004

I believe laptops use on board graphics cards and not a seperate as in desktops. therefore you'd need a whole new motherboard.

  hugh-265156 13:35 19 Jan 2004

as above you can usually upgrade the ram in most laptops ok but wont be able to get a graphics card upgrade.if you can(doubt it) it will be very expensive.

click here is supposed to work ok with silent hill 3 and non t&l hardware click here as for a geforce 2 i dont know.

  Murray 13:36 19 Jan 2004

..which would be very expensive ~£100's

better off trading your laptop for a slightly better one - you could sell your one on Ebay for a reasonable price, or you might find a computer fair that does a part exchange

  Chamil 19:35 20 Jan 2004

thanks guys for your suggestions..i think it might be less hassle to buy a ps2 and get the ps2 version of the game haha! thanks again

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