Fear of virus

  sky121 13:00 12 Nov 2009

I've received a dodgy email from a relative lately and, in fact, this same email keeps arriving every day. It is quite clear that it can possibly contain a virus. Can someone tell me if I exposed myself to the virus please:
- When the email came, I opened it
- Hotmail itself said: 'This message has been blocked for your safety' Open message
- I clicked on Open message and viewed the email. It asks the recipient to click on the attachment to view further details. Again Hotmail alerted me: 'Attachments, pictures and links in this message have been blocked for your safety' Show content. Obviously I didn't click on Show content.

I'm just worried because I did click on Open message and viewed the email. How do I know I'm safe? What's the best thing to do now?

Many thanks

  peter99co 13:06 12 Nov 2009

Delete the mail and blacklist the sender.

Consider downloading Mailwasher (free) to check mail at the server.

Run your antivirus scan as well.

What a/v have you got?

  peter99co 13:09 12 Nov 2009

Inform the relative about the mail and it's problems. They may not know it is happening.

  sky121 13:32 12 Nov 2009

Thanks Peter. Yes I have been deleting this same email now. Well if I blacklist the sender, I won't get emails from him anymore, isn't that right?
Where do I download Mailwasher from? (please bear with me!)
I have AVG a/v installed. I need to run a few scans anyway.
Do you think I exposed myself to any danger by just opening the message? How do I know I picked up a virus?

  sky121 13:50 12 Nov 2009


  peter99co 13:50 12 Nov 2009

Maybe not the opening but any attachments you open are the real killer. You can tell AVG to scan an attachment if you right click it and see the dropdown which says "scan with AVG"

Mailwasher.com can be googled. It will only chech 1 account. If you need it for multple account you need Mailwasher PRO which is not free.

  peter99co 13:57 12 Nov 2009

Mailwasher will let through a blacklisted sender if you want but it allows you to see the mail at the server before you download it or not.

EG if mailwasher sees 6 mails and you delete 3 because you do not want them for some reason you are then able to run your email program and it will then receive 3 from your ISP's server.

DO change your mail account settings to keep a copy of your mails on the server.

  peter99co 14:08 12 Nov 2009

SEE Mailwaher.net not .com

  woodchip 14:18 12 Nov 2009

Thread says it all "Fear" You May as well Fear getting knocked down with a tank. so you do not go out on the road

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