FE - Site Addiction Warning

  watchful 06:58 07 Feb 2003

Mornin' FE - Is it possible to have a Health Warning tab placed in the Headers (next to Helproom).
Here I am at 6.56am with nothing else yet done. I'm quite glad my PC knowledge is limited because despite this I'm going to bed with other people's problems going round in my head and resisting the urge to jump up and make a posting in the middle of the night!
If I had more expertise I'd never get any sleep!
What's the solution? Strict rationing perhaps?

  AndySD 07:52 07 Feb 2003

click here maybe... ;-)))

  Gongoozler 08:09 07 Feb 2003

Addicted? I'm not addicted. I could give up any time, but not just yet. Perhaps tomorrow, or next year or sometime. But I'm definitely not addicted.

  Stokey 08:53 07 Feb 2003

It's called SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). You will feel better in the summer hopefully :o)

  Legolas 09:01 07 Feb 2003

fjrmidnetb,vccncv I come to yippee this site aghhhhh all the time howwwwwwwwl and it has'nt grrrrrr affected me hahahahahahahahahahaahahaahah.

  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 09:03 07 Feb 2003


no it's just sad!!!!

  watchful 09:47 07 Feb 2003

AndySD - See! I'm here again - thanks for that link, just what I'm looking for.

Gongoozler - you are obviously happy as you are and don't need a cure.

Stokey - quite right - I'm a gardener at heart.

Legolas - see Andy's link.

Theonewhowatchesoveryou - you hardly ever come here then? thought your name was unfamiliar.

  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 09:55 07 Feb 2003


here all the time mate, used to have a differant name, logged on and watching most of the day at work. My comment was meant to be tongue in cheek!!!.

  watchful 10:03 07 Feb 2003

I know it was tongue-in-cheek. So was mine!

I wondered where some of the 'old'names had gone.


  recap 10:11 07 Feb 2003

I pop in now and again.

I wouldn't say I'm addicted but, I do log on here before I log on the server and read my emails for the day (work).

So you see I'm not really addicted twitch twitch LOL :-)

  gilla 10:19 07 Feb 2003

Thanks to all you addicts for your past help and I hope future help. Keep yawning................

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