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  denali 20:57 24 Apr 2004

I have just been following the latest warning from FE. I am not sure if it is "Politically Correct" but is it possible to have your profile?
You appear to speak with a lot of knowledge and it would be nice to have some idea of the person monitoring us. Thank you

  mammak 21:40 24 Apr 2004

What warnings?? our FE is the best ever

  Mikè 21:46 24 Apr 2004

The FE came from China to watch over us.

  stalion 21:49 24 Apr 2004

is best answered by F.E.

  denali 21:54 24 Apr 2004


Sorry! maybe I should have said advise and not warning

  denali 21:57 24 Apr 2004

I obviously had a wrong heading. I assumed the FE was the only one to answer the question.
It would interest me greatly to read his (if he has one) profile

A bit wrong there mate.

FE is a good chap..

cant remeber his age, but very wise....

Name is Peter, born and bred british... the china bit is his old PCA name before he became the forum editor.

  Mikè 19:57 25 Apr 2004

Yes I know it was an attempt at humour.....

  ade.h 00:30 26 Apr 2004

I thought it was funny, Mike! :)

  Mango Grummit 07:13 26 Apr 2004

He's been profiled many times at the beginning of articles he writes for PCA.

  Forum Editor 07:21 26 Apr 2004

I'm a computer consultant - been working with and around computers for most of my working life. My business services clients in the UK, America, Australia and the Far East. We cover most aspects of IT. I have also written for many years - not always about computers, mainly for magazines.

I live in London and travel a good deal.

I write articles for PCA exclusively now - mostly in the Consumerwatch section with occasional features.

In my spare time like music, photography, reading, and anything that doesn't involve phones faxes or email.

Will that do?

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