To FE. Possible idea for PC Advisor topic.

  Bagsey 14:24 26 Mar 2005

I have noticed on several forums to which I subscribe that many vsry basic questions are starting to arise, for example on this forum today we have "will an unformatted floppy save data"
When we old fogies started with computers in the days of Dos it was common knowledge , or quickly gleaned knowledge , that info of this kind was available in most computer magazines. Today we have advanced so much in experience and knowledge that we are forgetting that there still beginners in this field who need the basics. May I suggest that our present day computer magazines are not catering for these people and that a section on the basics of computer use in the PC Advisor mag.would be invaluable to begginers. I believe that the person who asked the example question would not have needed to ask it had he or she understood what formatting a disc does. So come on PC Advisor lets have a small section each month "on back to the basics."

  mattyc_92 14:52 26 Mar 2005

Even better, another forum on this site for "beginners" or "basic questions"...

Or create a "subsite" from this main one for more basic questions e.g. What does ISP mean.. as I have saw this question many times now....

Nice idea though...

  SANTOS7 15:27 26 Mar 2005

click here
this will help..........

  Bagsey 17:05 26 Mar 2005

That presupposes that the questioner is in a position to be able and have the knowledge to type a keyword into a search. Sorry if that sounds pompus, it is certainly not ment to be, I suppose that I have an agenda that I have not disclosed in that I am the leader of a computer group in the U3A and find that so many of the older people who are computer illiterate are almost afraid to attempt to come to terms with computers as there is no guidance readily available about the first steps to learning. I am not talking about the young people that I used to teach in school, they were so quick to learn that it was difficult in the early days for me to keep ahead of them. I am interested in encouraging the older members of our u3a group to gain the confidence to join in with the computer age and buy one.

  mattyc_92 17:22 26 Mar 2005

Yes, but many users don't bother searching the archives do they... and new members may not know that you can do this...

  spikeychris 17:28 26 Mar 2005

Don't get me wrong as your post is very worthy but I wouldn't buy the mag if it had a back to basics section. There are resources out there and beginners guides to all sorts - I wouldn't want then in the magazine.

  mattyc_92 17:30 26 Mar 2005

Suppose that would save a heck of a headache... But, when was the last time you wanted to read through Paragraphs??? It isn't very fun to do is it???

But I do agree, it would be easier for the webmasters of this site to add another page with such info, but then again, the guidelines for using this forum includes this sort of thing...

  Alan H E 17:38 26 Mar 2005

What about an article in the mag encouraging use of the forum and giving some tips on how to use it reminding people of the search facility and encouraging them to ask a basic question if they can't find the answer.

  stalion 17:42 26 Mar 2005
  Bagsey 18:32 26 Mar 2005

If you dont have any knowledge, and have just got your first computer, but want to learn how do you search the forum??

  mattyc_92 18:38 26 Mar 2005

What do you mean by your post addressed to me??

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