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  Brian-336451 09:02 25 Jun 2004

Probably not the correct place for this, but it is a proposal.

I was looking at the latest offering of the magazine and the article referred to an earlier issue of PCA.

In my personal circumstances, I am in Bangladesh and cannot access them. Then I got to thinking that it must be a bit difficult to 'fill' the DVD every month.

Unless there are copyright and so on reasons as to why you CAN'T, why do you not archive the previous issue/s on the DVD?

PC Plus archive on line and it's accessible (PDF) format (of course). Now to archive yours on line would presumably require more bandwith, whereas the DVD issue would not AND it would be most convenient for all.

This is not a vote of no confidence in the status quo, it's merely a suggestion that would enhance the magazine and perhaps also put PCA at 'the cutting edge' of PC support mags.

Anyone else care to comment?

Apologies if this IS in the wrong forum but I'm not convinced WHERE it should go and I spend most of MY time in Helproom.

  Old Shep 09:07 25 Jun 2004

If you are talking about archiving the contents of previous PCA magazines onto the DVD edition surely that would affect sales. You would only need to buy one every 6 months to read them all???

  Brian-336451 09:13 25 Jun 2004

That occurred to me too, but I get the impression that the majority of sales come from 'committed' readers rather than 'browse and buy' ones.

I can't substantiate that assertion however, the publishers might have the 'stats'.

To obviate that, then being flexible, the archive could start 3 months behind. For example how many of you keep your copies - I reckon most of us do. Do 'browse and buyers' do that? I suspect not unless there is an article of particular interest.

These are only thoughts and I'm in no position to INSIST on anything, I'm sure it'd be popular (not least to my wife who mutters when she sees the pile). She was delighted when I binned all my old copies on receipt of the CD upon re-subscription.

  Old Shep 09:41 25 Jun 2004

I can see your point as I have subscribed since issue 2 and at one stage had three shelves stacked with old issues and piles of cd's. The only reason I got rid was moving house but it was like losing an old friend. Lots of information lost and I don't keep them now. Regards.

  Forum Editor 09:53 25 Jun 2004

with the production side of the magazine, but I would think Old Shep's point is the valid one - people might simply buy one issue every few months once they cottoned on to the idea.

  OU812 14:30 25 Jun 2004

I recently for £10 brought the CD Rom Archive of all PCA editions from 2001-03.

Meant I could clear some space with impunity.

I think the problem with storing magazines is that once you accumulate a certain number its nigh on impossible to find the information that you need which too an extent defeats the object of keeping them in the first place.

I've considered scanning items of interest which would mean I could toss the magazine once throughly read without worry. However since this seems like bordering on the anal I have yet to do so, I'll be sorting my CD collection in alpha order and arranging my socks by colour next!!

  Shas 15:22 25 Jun 2004

... "I'll be sorting my CD collection in alpha order and arranging my socks by colour next!!"
So what's wrong with that? :o)

Seriously though, what about if an archive CD was made available to those who have already subscribed for, say, at least one full year and have signed up/paid for the next?

Admittedly one can cancel at any time but there must be an awful lot of people who are committed subscribers and who might be even more so if they knew that they could keep all the content without having to hoard the mags.

  byfordr 16:01 25 Jun 2004

Finally got my butt moving and renewed my subscription today...

Give the nice chaps or chapesses a ring on 01795 414836 quote the reference REGS0204 and get 6 months cd subscription for £9.99 or the DVD edition for £19.99 including the said Reference disk.

I believe PCA also give the option to extend subscriptions and get the disk click here not sure if you would get the £9.99 offer.


  Shas 16:21 25 Jun 2004

Yes, I did get the archive disk when I took out a 12 month subscription, and very good it is too, but the current magazines are still piling up and you can bet your boots as soon as I chuck one away, that'll be the one with something in the Q&A pages that I'm looking for!

I still think Not THAT Brian May's suggestion is good in principle and it would be nice to only have to hoard a year or two's worth at a time.

  Brian-336451 19:17 25 Jun 2004


  Dorsai 20:13 25 Jun 2004

Perhaps the answer would be to, say, release 2002's mags on dvd cover disk in Dec 2004. who will wait 2 years to read a mag? most of the stuff in it will be two years out of date..but for those of us who want to keep the old info as it may come in handy, you dont end up with mags up to thae arm pits...

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