Fe: latest PC Advisor Mag

  Smiler 12:15 16 Apr 2004

I have just received the latest PC Advisor mag and I almost had to destroy a page just to remove a Tiscalli CD which was held in with sticky substance that is on a par with super glue. Why can't the cd just be put in the mag the same as the AOL one was or make sure the Tiscalli page has another advert on the other side so that it doesn't destroy an article when trying to remove it.
Why do these firms still put these CD's in anyway it must cost a lot of money and wastes a lot of resources (I've thrown away hundreds over the years and I bet there not biodegradable or environmentally friendly)

  Sethhaniel 12:19 16 Apr 2004

I would have had to destroy my last issue to remove Tiscali Disk as it was actually glued in to the binding of the magazine - and part of the cd still remains as it had to be destroyed to remove it
re: my posting a month ago

  Smiler 12:20 16 Apr 2004

Missed your posting could you direct me to it please

  Confab 12:21 16 Apr 2004

I've got that deja vu feeling again

  MidgetMan 12:23 16 Apr 2004

Agree, see how long this one lasts!! bets???

  Sethhaniel 12:27 16 Apr 2004
  Smiler 13:00 16 Apr 2004

sorry about the mis-spelt name above.
There are a couple of ways suggested in your thread that I haven't tried for removing the cd so I'll see how it goes next month. Still think they are a waste of resources though.

  Confab 13:22 16 Apr 2004

My mag arrived this morning - Ooh the anticipation of trying to remove that CD without ripping the page is almost killing me!!

I'll give it a go tonight and let you know how I get on. Or Maybe I should just try to get out more.


  Eric10 13:45 16 Apr 2004

They had this discussion on the letters page of the somewhat overpriced PC Answers some months ago and the readers were told that Tiscali insists on the CD being glued in rather than just inserted. i.e. no glue = no advertising revenue. I have noticed the glue does seem to be getting harder of late though. So far I have found that the best way of minimising damage is if you can remove the CD while leaving the glue on the page. Once separated the glue can usually be removed by rolling it.

  Stuartli 14:26 16 Apr 2004

So it looks as though we are stuck with the Tiscali CD-ROMs for all time...:-(

  recap 15:29 16 Apr 2004

I just leave it in, I for one would not use it anyway.

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