FE: Are you testing IE7 beta?

  PurplePenny 23:44 01 Aug 2005

Greetings FE. Are you perchance testing IE7 beta?

If you are, how is the improved standards support? According to IE Dev. Chris Wilson's blog the bugs identified by PositionIsEverything and Quirksmode have been fixed in this beta and more "bang-your-head-on-the-desk bugs" (Chris Wilson's own words) will be fixed in the next beta.

So ... does position:fixed work correctly now? Has the 3 pixel jog really gone?


  Forum Editor 18:25 02 Aug 2005

I'm currently beta testing new versions of Windows server, Microsoft Messenger, Windows installer, and (shortly) Windows Vista - it's enough, and I'm not looking for any more at the moment.

Beta testing - particularly in the early betas - requires a degree of commitment. You have to join special Microsoft Newsgroups and complete regular questionnaires - they nag you until you submit them. It can all be pretty time-consuming, and whenever there's a new Office or Windows beta coming along I tend to clear the decks for them.

Returning to your question - Chris Wilson's information is interesting,if he's right it sounds promising. I am pretty sure that Microsoft will open the throttle as far as IE development is concerned - they are intent on protecting their market share at all costs, and for good long-term reasons.

  powerless 19:05 02 Aug 2005

click here

Is that bad?

  PurplePenny 21:15 02 Aug 2005

I don't think it is as bad as it sounds. Opera and Firefox don't pass The Acid Test 2 yet (though both are much, much closer than IE6). Much has been made of the fact that Safari has passed it but the release version doesn't as yet.

Let's just be glad that the IE dev team are taking on the hard slog that will be standards compliance - that was not the original intention of IE7 (which was security).

The Web Standards Project are happy with the progress that is being made with IE so that is a good sign.

For anyone who hasn't sen the Acid Test 2 in action here it is:

click here

You need to look at it in several browsers to see what is going on.

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