To the F.E.

  NewRoyWidd 03:54 03 Mar 2006

To the FE;There seem to be several new people using the forum lately who don't know the"rules" of posting,as witness some of the sarcastic replies recently.Whilst new members are always welcomed of course,said sarcastic replies just clog up the column,and do nothing to help those who want advice.
Perhaps it's time for a reminder from yourself?

  Andsome 08:17 03 Mar 2006

Spot on

  anskyber 08:35 03 Mar 2006

Funnily enough FE did just that only recently. The thread that ensued suggested that the "guidelines" should be supplied to all new people who register and there should also be a link on the site or forum home page.
Unfortunately there are some, fortunately few who enjoy spoiling it for others.

  NewRoyWidd 12:58 03 Mar 2006

Hello Andsome & anskyber,thanks for your replies,I'm pleased someone agrees,although I was unaware of FE's recent thread.Perhaps it's now time for the regular contributors to the forum to ask FE to do just that and supply all new people with guidelines when registering? Adding something similar to a EULA,so that if someone does abuse the"rules"on more than a set number of occasions,they can then be effectively barred from the forum?

  martjc 13:10 03 Mar 2006

I've had some bad remarks, statements and criticism in the past. If this is alowed to continue, it will definitely spoil what this forum is about.

How about this? - Some method of automatically or manually recording such nonsense and if the same member is guilty of it more than three(3) times their membership could be rescinded.

O.K. I've been accused of being a bit harsh in the past, but this forum is meant to HELP people through some very awkward problems.

NewRoyWidd - I'm with you!

  Diemmess 13:16 03 Mar 2006

Please don't add fuel to the flames. FE is astute and quick to delete any unhelpful threds and posts.
Use the "Contact Forum Editor" at the top, when you feel someone needs telling and you think FE hasn't seen it yet.

  NewRoyWidd 13:22 03 Mar 2006

martjc,thanks for that,a good idea re setting a limit,although I don't know if recording it in some way is technically feasible.
Let us see if anyone else can add suggestions to the thread...

  Hertz Van Rentyl 13:27 03 Mar 2006

With you on this, don't like vigilante action at all, we only need one Forum Editor,

  rawprawn 13:37 03 Mar 2006

There can only be one arbiter and that is FE.This forum has had it's share of unwanted posts over a long time, all have disappeared under out present FE, and please remember this is a PC advisor Forum run by them for the good of all.

  NewRoyWidd 13:45 03 Mar 2006

Diemmess,Hertz Van Rentyl,and rawprawn;I had no intentions of"vigilante"action etc when posting my original remarks,ans apologise if they came over as such.
Yes rawprawn,there can be only one arbiter,that being FE of course,and I know that FE will step in if someone is posting particularly abusive comments.All I was suggesting was that to prevent it happening in future,all new members are presented with"rules"when registering.

  woodchip 13:49 03 Mar 2006

We all say wrong things at times, So it's not yet time to start saying " Go Directly to Jail and do not pass GO"

This can be down to different reasons, Like we say " I gt out of the wrong side of the bed this mornning"

So we cannot be too harsh on others, we all put our foot in it some times.

Best thing is to not say anything, leave it up to FE and if you have a Problem You can E-Mail FE easy. Saying thing's only adds wood to the fire not putting it out.

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