To the FE

  Phphred 09:19 16 Aug 2005

Hi there FE.

Suggestions for improving the site.

I think that the first improvement would to have a page of “Constantly asked Stickies” or just “Stickies”, the idea gathered from other sites.

These pages could suggest minimal requirements for protection, or anything else, which this site and its members would consider appropriate, to get and stay online with more or less impunity. There could be URLS to direct you to get the “Free” recommended programmes or chargeable programmes. Suggest at least a minimum protection and an appropriate protection.

Other instances would be a page of “Driver” info. The forum could perhaps update driver info whenever they discover updates.
There could also be sub pages on various drivers and various others of our updates. This would also ensure that the posted information is not lost in the depths of new stuff coming in by the bucketful every second of the day!

I am sure that by digging or asking the members of the forum, who seem to constantly answer the variations of a similar questions time after time, without complaint, they would agree to starting and building up, a page of Stickies

  johnnyrocker 10:02 16 Aug 2005

best left til the site can be used without constant time outs i feel.


  Stuartli 10:07 16 Aug 2005

There have been frequent threads posted by forum members detailing exactly what you suggest.

However, as is usually the case, events get overtaken in the world of computer systems so some updating of information is important.

  Satmansq 10:27 16 Aug 2005

Personally I would like to see resolved threads moved to a different area, with advice that people should look there first as their problem has possibly already been discussed and resolved. This would leave more room on a page for the unresolved threads.

  stalion 12:32 16 Aug 2005

This is a free site and thank god it exists for many members who need help.You get what you pay for and we pay nothing.

  Satmansq 12:51 16 Aug 2005

I agree stalion, I have used this site extensively to resolve problems and appreciate the help and advice available, especially as it is free of charge.

  dogbreath1 13:17 16 Aug 2005

I am not intending to be critical, but everything in life can be improved and not necessarily at a cost. As it stands, this site is very good indeed. The quality and speed of response to posted threads is I believe the best I have experienced. The forum structure is however archaic when compared to almost all others that I have seen. Some of the features proposed above would make excellent additions. Stickies and FAQs are excellent. They remove the need for constant repeat posting. Also, some of these repeat posts tend to become less comprehensive. One example relates to security questions. A user asks for details of free AV applications (as was the case yesterday I think). One responder suggested AVG. Another stated that both AVG and Avast were very good. Both helpfull in themselves but no caveat regarding the problems associated with having two AV progs running on the same machine and no reference to the need to supplement AV progs with AM progs and a decent firewall. It may be that this additional information was superfluous to the questioners requirements. But then what if it wasn't and he happily went away feeling 'secure' when in fact he may not have been. And of course many people will use the answers posted to assist them in solving their own problems. There's always a case for improvement. Does anyone else agree, and can it be achieved free of charge?

  Phphred 13:23 16 Aug 2005

Didn't FE ask for suggestions to improve the site? Perhaps I miss read it somewhere!!

  Phphred 13:49 16 Aug 2005

I don't think that PCA is a charitable organisation and I can't see them keeping our site going unless it pays them to do so and anywayup, I think FE is giving prizes for the best suggestions.
Most of you no doubt, feel as I do about this site; to me it is like belonging to a big family and I am thankful for all of the help that I have been given, either sought or unasked, over these last few years!

  TonyAA 13:50 16 Aug 2005

"You get what you pay for and we pay nothing." ?

  lotvic 14:09 16 Aug 2005

I find most of my problems are solved just by using the 'Search' facility, which of course does give the most up to date threads solutions and information.

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