Smegs 13:02 04 Aug 2004

Hello. Are you aware, that emails are been sent to the wrong people? I was sent this today,

I was from Talented Monkey, replying to click here

"Your HTML form code is fine. This is more of an ASP coding error as i said on forum might be you dropped the code in amongst some ASP code and didnt break out of it Or you have accidently deleted some code and didnt realize it. Can you please resend ALL The page code including the ASP etc if you still cant see the problem.. Thanks."

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:14 04 Aug 2004

Why not use the 'contact forum editor' button?


  Smegs 13:38 04 Aug 2004


  Smegs 22:53 04 Aug 2004


  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:55 04 Aug 2004

/eyes raise.

  Smegs 22:58 04 Aug 2004

I sent him one as you said, but had no comment yet.

I have done it.

  Chegs ® 01:03 05 Aug 2004

Does this little glitch still occur,if it does then FE will get around to sorting it in due course.If its as I suspect caused by the "unsettled" PCA forum(note the regular outbreaks of multiple postings)then it will cease soon enough.

  Forum Editor 01:29 05 Aug 2004

I've replied to your email - why post a thread here when you can contact me direct?

Nobody else has reported any problems, and I'm wondering why you feel it necessary to say "...emails are been sent to the wrong people".

I think it's only you, and I think it must have been an isolated incident - mail servers don't often make mistakes.

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