Fdisk - hard drive has gone from 12 gigs to 5 and

  Eileanbeag 16:23 27 Feb 2004

A friend has reformatted after having problems with Windows 98 and she used fdisc to remove and then recreate the Hard drive. She enabled hard drive support and all appeared to go well until Windows had loaded and at that stage her Hard drive which had been 12 gigs was now 5.something gigs. Any ideas how to sort this problem? All help appreciated

  BIG ben strikes again!!! 16:48 27 Feb 2004

my mate had a 20 gig HDD his pc is about 4 years old when i showed him how to check how much hard drive space he had. he now has 12.4........but im not sure why it does this?

  Diemmess 16:49 27 Feb 2004

FDISK is a bit like "Queen's Regulations" and certainly typical of DOS.

I think that she didn't go painstakingly through the exact plodding procedure required.

Either acquire a copy of Partition Magic which will re-partition without wrecking the installed OS.......... Or be prepared to start all over again, by the book, starting with Big Disk Support, and then removing each partiton in the proper order. Finally when proved to have NO partitions, making new partition/s one at a time and setting the first as active................

There are lots of sites on the net that explain this, blow-by-blow.

  IZZY 17:25 27 Feb 2004


This MS site should give you the full procedure for using FDisk.

click here;en-us;255867&Product=winme

(It's WinME but covers 98 as well)

Suggest you copy and print as you'll need to refer to it frequently.

Good Luck,



  IZZY 17:33 27 Feb 2004


Previous link didn't work exactly. Hope this does.

click here;EN-US;255867


  IZZY 17:43 27 Feb 2004

Sorry Eileenbeag;

That's not right either but when you get to the page it take you to there's a Search Box Top left.
Type Q255867 and click search. That should take you to the KB page.



  Eileanbeag 19:19 27 Feb 2004

Many thanks for link - I have copy of Partition Magic 8 - will I be able to retrieve full hard drive using that without formating?

  woodchip 19:21 27 Feb 2004

Yes she as partioned the drive

  Diemmess 17:28 28 Feb 2004

Try Partition Magic as the simple way first.

See what it shows you and if there is space shown which is unreachable at present, then that is the way to go (follow the instructions!)

  Eileanbeag 18:07 28 Feb 2004

I have never used Partition Magic before - is it difficult to use?

  Diemmess 15:46 29 Feb 2004

Partition Magic is easy to use. Just take reasonable care to follow the prompts. It stores all the changes ready for your final say-so. It shows what you have done and then only, comes the crunch when you make the decision to carry out these changes.

Sorry I have been off-line for 24hrs.

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