fdisk & format utilities

  450223 08:52 16 Mar 2009

I have spent some time looking at the Microsoft website download area for fdisk and format utilities. I need to make two partitions on a blank drive. Then format half NTFS and half FAT32
Can anyone help/advise please.

  MAJ 09:17 16 Mar 2009

Which operating system is your PC using? Go to Start > Run, type in "diskmgmt.msc" (without the quotes) and press OK. Click on the blank drive in there and you should be able to partition and format it.

  450223 06:07 17 Mar 2009

There is one drive, one drive only in this notebook. I need to find fdisk and format on the Microsoft website... or some where else!

  Eric10 10:08 17 Mar 2009

If you are installing XP or Vista then you can create partitions of the appropriate size during the setup process. You can then format the operating system partition and continue with installing the OS. Once the OS is installed you can format the remaining partition from there.

If there is some reason why you can't use this method or you really want to do it before anything else then you can usually download utilities from the hard drive manufacturer's website to do this.

  cream. 10:38 17 Mar 2009

If you use FDISK from click here ( use win 98se disk ) you will wipe everything off your computer. That includes the operating system.

If you use XP as your operating system, you need to use third party software like acronis. This will create a partition in fat32 and leave all your files and O\S intact.

If you use Vista as your O\S, you just go to disk management and shrink your C drive and create a new partition with the free space you have made.

  DieSse 11:58 17 Mar 2009

"I need to make two partitions on a blank drive."

If it's a new main drive, then installation of an operating system will do this before it starts the installation.

If it's a new second (or third etc) drive, then XP and Vista can do it for you, using Disk Management.

If it's a different situation than these, please inform.

  emily3543 13:02 17 Mar 2009

fdisc is dos based command and it is used to create the partition in win 98

  450223 14:03 17 Mar 2009

emily 3543 It is a DOS based utility, where can I find it PLEASE!

  Terry Brown 14:25 17 Mar 2009

Apparantly you want to completly wipe the harddrive,amd then partition it into 2 (or more) sections.
Assuming you have a floppy disk (and drive)or a thumb drive- win me or win 2000 only) go to bootdisk.com click here , select the boot disk for your system ,and create the disk(s) that you need.
If it is a Win98 or WinMe (Dos systems),set you machine to boot from floppy drive or thumb drive.
Run the dos installation program, when the system has booted, at the command prompt type in FDISK,, and follow on screen instructions.
You will need to create 2 FAT32 partitions first.
After you have created the partitions, format both partitions, and load the appropiate operating system on the first (Primary) partition.

If the second drive is to be used fo a NTFS system (win2000,XP, or Vista) you can do this when you install the system.

A word of caution-- With DOS based systems, there is no 'second chance', and if you delete a file or a partition in error, it is gone forever.

  MAJ 14:26 17 Mar 2009

450223, it will be on any floppy bootdisk, but since you wont answer any questions or explain what you're trying to do and keep repeating your question, it's difficult to help you. Come back and tell us what you're trying to do and how you think fdisk is going to help you.

  Peter 14:32 17 Mar 2009


If you are using Windows XP the FORMAT.COM file should be in the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 folder. I couldn't find FDISK, but DISKPART.EXE is also in the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 folder. If you run DISKPART.EXE in a COMMAND window from the RUN option on the START button, use /? to see the options available.

BEFORE you try either of theses programmes take a COMPLETE BACKUP (an IMAGE preferably) of the PC involved. Then when things go wrong you will be able to get back to where you started.


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