MAGGX 21:48 20 Jun 2004

Hi all.
Ive got broadbandand useing xp pro. Ive set so I can use faxing. Everything is as it should br ie correct windows open in fax wizard but when I try to send a fax to a remote fax unit it pops out of my fax and not at the remote fax.
Any body got an answer
Thanks MAGGX

  hugh-265156 02:12 21 Jun 2004

i have never tried faxing with xp myself but this click here may help you a bit maybe.

  €dstowe 05:47 21 Jun 2004

It is not possible to send FAX message via broadband without using some outside commercial agency.

FAX is an analogue system and uses an analogue modem and an ordinary telephone line to function. Note it is possible to have a dialup modem and a broadband system on the same machine.


  MAGGX 08:29 21 Jun 2004

Thanks guys the microsoft help huggy was helpfull. I'll keep trying

  Stuartli 08:43 21 Jun 2004

As stated you can't send faxes on broadband - you require a separate dialup fax modem.

If you are receiving your own faxes then you are sending them, mostly likely, to your own fax number - the configuration needs to be checked.

I have XP Pro and, like all previous versions of Windows, it has an excellent fax utility.

Previous versions had Windows Messaging, which could be found on the OS disk under Awfax.exe and wms.exe and worked on exactly the same layout as Outlook Express.

Because I have dialup, I use Tiscali's free fax to e-mail service to receive faxes; outgoing faxes are sent as normal using the XP Fax Console.

It means I don't have to worry about an incoming fax as it comes in the form of an e-mail; the fax number is an individual, dedicated 0871-xxx-xxx one and Tiscali earns its reward by taking a small proportion of the sender's telephone call charge.

Keying in Faxes or similar into the Search box will bring up several threads on the subject.

  Shas 09:42 21 Jun 2004

Hi MAGGX. I have a dedicated fax line and send/receive faxes through the computer, (got fed up with having to sign off every time someone wanted a fax sent so installed bb.) If it's any help this is how my system is set up.

Starting at the wall, into the dedicated line fax jack point is the broadband filter which has two sockets. In one of these is the dsl phone lead (from the bb modem) and in the other is a splitter box. In the splitter box is the phone lead from the cpu's modem and the phone lead from the fax machine.

I use the fax machine's software and all works absolutely fine. I did wonder at first why the fax part of it wouldn't work without the cpu's modem lead connected because I thought like a lot of other people that I only needed the bb modem, until I read (on this forum I think) that you can't send faxes via bb.

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