faxing from my computor

  fitton 23:04 17 Jan 2008

I have a brother fax conected to my computor also tiscali broadband +telephone line. I have tried to download fax programes without success.
1. do I have to disconect my fax machine.
2. I am not totally computor friendley

  Totally-braindead 23:13 17 Jan 2008

Not quite sure what you mean.

If you are trying to use your PC as a FAX while on broadband then that won't work as BB is digital and a FAX is analogue. If you want to use your PC as a FAX machine you need to use a dial up modem.
If you have a Brother standalone FAX machine then it should work.
I think. Actually thinking about it I'm not 100% sure of this, the first part is right you need to use dial up to send faxes and cannot do it on BB(unless you use a company that will reorganise them for you) but the standalone fax machine I ma unsure about, someone else will know though.

  DieSse 01:04 18 Jan 2008

Faxing needs to use the telephone part of the line - not the broadband part.

So whatever type of fax you are using, connect it up exactly as it it were a telephone (ie through a microfilter, or into a filtered socket).

If you tell us what the brother fax is - is it an all-in-one printer/copier/fax, for instance - then we may be able to help better.

  fitton 09:47 18 Jan 2008

Thank s for the replys. My fax machine is a stand alone fax & telephone.Brother Faz-T96 I have downloaded the "Telephone Book" Faxing from my Dell disc but it will not recgnise my modem that is supplied by tiscali Sagem 800 E2T.
It is aleady going through a micro filter, but do I disconnect the fax machine and connect the telephone line into ?.
Sorry about the non tech talk.

  DieSse 10:38 18 Jan 2008

"I have a brother fax conected to my computor"

"My fax machine is a stand alone fax & telephone."

Sorry but these two statements don't go together - which is it - connected to the computer, or stand-alone?

If you fax is stand-alone, then it has nothing to do with your computer, and there will be no software of any kind for it.

If you want to fax from your computer directly - you can't do that over broadband (as stated earlier)

You can fax from your computer IF you have a normal modem in it (NOT the broadband modem) - then you will need software.

You could connect both a normal modem and your fax machine into a single telephone socket (get a two-to-one adapter from any telephone shop).

What exactly do you want to do?

  tullie 18:48 18 Jan 2008

I have a Brother MFD,this also faxes.It is plugged into the phone side of the filter and is used by way of software on my PC.

  adamagain 00:06 20 Jan 2008

Could anyone tell me is there a test site to send a fax to to see if your machine is working
Just to see as i dont know anywhere to send a fax to test if my fax is sending ok


  DieSse 12:34 20 Jan 2008


You can send me one if you wish. Email me and I'll give you my fax number (it's a UK one).

To email use the small yellow envelope next to my name.

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