Faxing on lline

  geedad 14:27 24 Jan 2012

Using Windows Home premium on i5 Intel, 64bit PC. I want to send and receive faxes. I have Windows Fax and Scan inbuilt, but how do I get a "free" fax number, with a "free" service on my VirginMedia broadband? I have seen many 'offers' of a free service, but when looking deeper into it, there IS a charge somewhere! ideally, I would like the faxes to go through my email service. geedad

  Terry Brown 14:35 24 Jan 2012

I do not think there is such a free thing as FREE faxing , however, depending on how many faxes you want to send, I would suggest an alternative.

I needed to use a fax machine, but did not have the room for one, so I bought a small adapter (plugs into the USB port and the 'Phone line) link attached


Al you pay for is the cost of the telephone call to send a fax.

Prices vary around the £20 mark.


  geedad 17:13 24 Jan 2012

Terry Brown Thank you. Did it come with Fax software and where did you get a Fax number from? geedad

  Terry Brown 20:11 24 Jan 2012

Yes they do with software and the fax number is the same as your telephone number


  geedad 19:58 27 Jan 2012

Terry Brown Thanks a lot - a great help. geedad

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