sheffy 08:42 24 Mar 2004

I just installed Office 2003 on a windows xp machine. Is there built in fax software anywhere of should I get a separate bit of software?

  Microdot 09:14 24 Mar 2004

Windows Xp has a Fax Prog but it is not loaded by default
Control Panel/Addremove Progs/Addremove Windows Components and then look for Fax.
You will require your XP installation disk.

Cheers de Art.

  Lozzy 09:15 24 Mar 2004

Not nesc. Only do it if you want more functionality than just sending /receiving.

  Lozzy 09:16 24 Mar 2004

Opps sorry miss read the thread,, Microdot is correct.

  Cesar 09:47 24 Mar 2004

The fax programme that comes with XP Home/Professional is a bare bones program if you want a more sophisticated program click here

  pj123 12:12 24 Mar 2004

Are you on Broadband or Dialup? If you are on BB you can't send faxes. You will need an analogue modem, most of which come with a programme called Supervoice, which is what I use. I only use it to send faxes. I have a subscription with Trinite at click here £24 per year and all incoming faxes are in my email inbox. See this previous thread click here

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