Faxes on the web v software - sending & receiving

  Jeecie 22:59 26 Mar 2003

Does anyone know of a free service that would allow me to send and receive faxes over the internet for free?

I've searched on Google and most seem to allow you to received faxes to your email account. And, some sites allow you to send only. But, I can't seem to find a site (preferably UK based?) that will allow me to send & receive faxes.

I only need to send 1 or 2 a year - when booking my holiday hotel accomadation direct! As a lot of the independant foreign hotels I prefer seem to have very few email addresses - hence the need for faxing...

Or... should I be looking at special software that will perform the same function (free software if poss. after all I need to save-up for my holiday spending money!).

Thanks... Jeecie

  DieSse 00:35 27 Mar 2003

I don't know anyone that offers a fully free both ways service (why would anyone?).

Most modems come with a CD which has a faxing program. This if fine for sending. You will have to pay the phone call, as with a fax machine.

For receiving, a free service which converts your incoming faxes to email is really good news, as don't have to leave your system on in fax reception mode for a start. Try click here - they seem to have restartd their free service, with fax numbers in the UK available. Also some ISPs may offer such a service (Tiscali do in Spain).

  pj123 12:16 27 Mar 2003

Most Modem driver disks come with Supervoice, with which you can send faxes from any programme that you can print from. ie. word, excel, publisher etc.

I use Supervoice to send faxes but I subscribe to Trinite (£23 a year) and you get an exclusive number for incoming faxes to your email inbox, which as DieSse says means you don't have to leave your computer on all day.

Trinite website is click here

  anchor 19:32 27 Mar 2003

Like pj123 I now use Trinite, but I used to use eFax some time ago. As DieSee said, eFax have now resumed their free fax to e-mail service.

You register, and obtain your own 0870 number. You send faxes in the usual way, via your fax programme and dial-up 56k modem. Any faxes sent to your special number are relayed by eFax to your e-mail account. To read them you need the special free viewer, (eFax messenger), obtainable from their web site.
click here

There used to be a site that allowed you to send faxes via the web, but it seems to have gone now. However, as you only need to send a couple a year, the cost will not be significant, especially if you use OneTel for international calls.

  Jeecie 15:23 28 Mar 2003

... my ISP is btopenworld - do any of these providers you mention require me to change my ISP?

  anchor 16:58 28 Mar 2003

No, with eFax or Trinite you would not need to change your ISP.

When you register, you enter whatever e-mail address you wish to have the faxes delivered to. eFax send them to you in their own viewer format, and Trinite send in tiff format.

The eFax viewer is free.

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