FAX in XP Pro

  Mannanan 16:03 14 Jan 2003
  Mannanan 16:03 14 Jan 2003

I've upgraded to XP Pro from 98SE. In 98SE I had Phone Tools for faxing but that is not XP compliant and the upgrade disallowed it so I uninstalled that suite.

In XP the fax module is installed and, using the XP program, I can (and do) send a fax with a cover sheet.

However, to send a pre-prepared document such as a letter it appears you load it and "send to" "fax recipient". The Fax Wizard then starts and move 3 says "which program do you want to use to send your fax".

I've only got Microsoft Fax but this is greyed out. I've unloaded the fax program and reloaded but have the same problem. I've tried to load Norton Fax from SystemWorks 2002 but that says I have a WinFax installed, EVEN WHEN it is unloaded!

Incidentally, I note there is no fax link in the right click "send to" options.

Is there a registry tweak for this please?

Many thanks!

  Alan2 17:59 14 Jan 2003

When in WORD say, go to File->Print then in Print box click Printer Name drop-down menu and select Fax - Click OK and wizard will start.


  Mannanan 18:18 14 Jan 2003

.... for your reply but I knew that (see para 2)!!

The problem is that when the wizard starts it says that Microsoft Fax is not installed (as it is greyed out).

I have no other fax .... but Microsoft Fax is not usable in this mode.

  Gizmo 18:43 14 Jan 2003

Have you installed it from the add/remove programs,windows components?

  Mannanan 09:23 15 Jan 2003

Hello Gizmo

Yes, used add/remove windows components in Control Panel.

Interestingly, even when removed, I could not add Norton's Fax as it said WinFax already installed, which it was not.

From what I've seen, I'd rather use the Norton (Symantec) version, but I can't load it!

Anyone know the registry setting to completely loose the XP fax?


  wullie1 09:34 15 Jan 2003

hello i also have the same problem with winxp fax
but i put my phone tools 2000 in and it loaded it this is what i now use i have upgraded from win me to win xp pro it told me at start that it was not compatible but i ignored it and carried on with the install and hey presto it works all ok

  Mannanan 10:17 15 Jan 2003

Hello wullie1

Where did you get phone tools 2000? I had an older version .... have emailed Phone Tools TWICE asking for update info but no reply!

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