Fax on XP

  stu7 14:36 08 Dec 2004

I am with Pipex Broadband and have Winsdows XP.
Anyone knowif I can use the computer as a Fax machine and if so anyone know a good programme.

  Spanglish 14:43 08 Dec 2004

Xp has its own Fax Programme , but.. I dont think it works with broadband as it has to 'dial the number'. There is a thread somewhere explaining all.

  Spanglish 14:47 08 Dec 2004

Try this click here or search on FAX.

  spikeychris 14:48 08 Dec 2004
  spikeychris 14:51 08 Dec 2004



  pj123 17:40 08 Dec 2004

The best and easiest way I know (which is the way I have) is:

You will need an analogue modem installed in your computer, (you cannot fax using Broadband).

Most analogue modems come with sofware called Supervoice. Supervoice will allow you to send/receive faxes from your computer, But, to receive faxes your computer needs to be switched on and Supervoice running in the background.

I only use Supervoice to send faxes. I have an account with Trinite at click here which costs me £23 per year. All incoming faxes are delivered to my email inbox which means I do not have to have my computer switched on to receive faxes.

Make sure you have plenty of protection from rogue diallers. My analogue modem is always disconnected from the phone line except when sending a fax.

  Kegger 18:04 08 Dec 2004

I agree to all above, however another option is to buy a Lexmark 6190 printer copier scanner and fax machine, i have been installing these as part of a rollout for a large International bank for people who work from home. it is a very good reliable bit of kit, and enables by using the software provided by Lexmark to recieve the fax from the PC using inbuilt software but as the fax number is embeded into the fax cannot be taken over by rouge diallers.. well worth a look if it is an option

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