Fax Test phone number

  Drpeter 10:13 13 Apr 2009

Some years ago, I came across a number to which one could send a test fax, to have it returned automatically. The number was 0800 108 208 - which no longer works. I have also found 0508 500 499 and 17070 - which are not recognized UK numbers.
Whilst we all have friends who would allow one to use their fax numbers for tests, I would prefer to use a number dedicated for the purpose - if one still exists.
Does anyone know of such a phone number, please?
Many thanks,

  Stuartli 11:49 13 Apr 2009

17070 is the BT number to dial to check out line noise, quiet line test (option 2) and other parameters by engineers and customers.

Apparently it is no longer possible to find out the distance from the exchange using this number.

17070 doesn't work for those who have a broadband and/or phone package provided via LLU from ISPs.

  beeuuem 12:49 13 Apr 2009

I use Be as an ISP and 17070 works for me. BT Openreach used it from my home to help prove a fault on the line.

  Stuartli 14:08 13 Apr 2009

It doesn't work with TalkTalk from my local exchange (LLU equipped by TT).

All I get is an announcement of my phone number. I already know that after using it for 30 or more years...:-)

When I paid BT for the line rental, 17070 worked as intended for me; BT is still, of course, responsible for my phone line from the exchange to my Master Socket.

Could be that another phone number provides the service in my case?

  beeuuem 14:19 13 Apr 2009

My 'phone service is BT, as it has to be to get Be - possibly that is the difference.

  Drpeter 08:31 19 Apr 2009

Since there are no relevant replies, I have to assume that there are no such test numbers now.

  Stuartli 11:33 19 Apr 2009

>>My 'phone service is BT, as it has to be to get Be - possibly that is the difference.>>

It's the same with TalkTalk - however, the line rental is paid by TT to BT and the charge is included in the monthly TT package payment of £20.49.

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