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  wlw 09:26 22 Jun 2003

I have Windows ME installed, with standard PHONE TOOLS, and a standard BVRP modem.

I wish to fax a WORD document and would expect to use the print facility, in effect using the modem as if it were a printer.
However I cannot find out to set up my fax as a 'printer'. The documentation/help section seems to overlook this vital point. The wizard to add printers via the control panel seems not to have the appropriate capability.

Thanks for any help that anyone can give, my guess is that I am overlooking something simple.


  Stuartli 09:43 22 Jun 2003

I don't know if WinMe has awfax.exe and Wms.exe on the OS disk like Win95 and 98, but this is what I use for sending faxes.

awfax.exe provides the basic fax composing facilities including cover pages of your choice and composition, whilst Windows Messaging includes (Tools>MS Fax Tools>Options) to set your modem as the Active Fax Modem.

Windows Messaging, which maintains a full record of faxes sent and received, is virtually akin to Outlook Express in its layout and operation, so you would find it easy to use.

For return faxes I use the 08071xxxxxxx fax number provided free of charge by Tiscali (faxes are received as e-mails); this is due to the fact I have dial-up and therefore wouldn't know if I was being sent a proper fax, necessary in order to receive it.

  wlw 10:07 22 Jun 2003

To Stuartli
thx for yr input, but I have already gone thru MS Phone Tools Help etc in a fair amount of detail.
Everything about sending faxes using the modem as a 'virtual' printer is well described, but not how to establish the fax modem as a printer choice.
I did have it thus installed a year or so ago, but after various changes over a long period it fell into disuse and seems eventually to have disappeared. I know it can be done, but how????


  Agent Smith 10:12 22 Jun 2003

If you have your Modem drivers disc then you may well have a fax programme on that. It's usually Supervoice. If you haven't got it I can send a copy to you.

  Wak 11:30 22 Jun 2003

To choose how to send your Fax, type out the message, go to File/ PRINT and a box should come up to let you choose which printer to use.
You should see a list which includes your normal printer and your Fax program. (Providing, of course, that you have your Fax program set up as a printer in the Control Panel).

  DieSse 11:43 22 Jun 2003

I use the Phone Tools program for faxing, and it works very well, (though I may start using the built-in XP fax facility).

When you install Phone Tools it shouls also automatically install the "fax printer" as part of it's setup. The "fax printer" is called CAPTURE FAX BVRP. You don't install this through Add printers - as I said, it installs when you install Phone Tools - so I suggest you uninstall and re-install, and watch for the fax installation.

  wlw 22:23 22 Jun 2003

DieSse, that sounds about right. I will install/reinstall Phone Tools. Thx all.
Item closed

  Stuartli 08:32 23 Jun 2003

I did point out that you enabled the modem as the Active Fax Modem...:-)

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