Fax Programmes.??

  Chrisann 15:17 23 Jan 2005

Does anyone know what Fax Programmes there are out there..and if they are easy to use etc.

I used to have a Fax Machine..but it no longer works so wondered what was available to use on the comp.

Any suggestions and details appreciated.


  VoG II 15:20 23 Jan 2005

Which version of Windows do you have?

  stalion 15:23 23 Jan 2005
  Belatucadrus 15:25 23 Jan 2005

click here Cheyenne Bitware

click here V3

click here how to set up Windows XP fax

  Chrisann 15:31 23 Jan 2005

Thanks ..I am running Windows M.E...I have looked at the Freeware by Stalion...just wondered if these so called Free Programmes are safe to download and use etc.


  VoG II 15:35 23 Jan 2005

I was wondering about Microsoft Fax but that isn't included with ME.

The others are safe to download.

  Chrisann 15:48 23 Jan 2005

Thanks very much and everyone..I will take a look at the various programmes and see which one suits me best.

Thanks all.


  wiz-king 16:08 23 Jan 2005

If you are useing your pc as a fax machine you might need to leave it on line 24/7. You never know when you are going to get a reply. Mute the sound or it will start to sing to you when the screen saver kicks in -- usualy about 20 min after you have gone to bed! I use 'Trio DataFax Voice' which came with my sound card and it does a good job of answering the phone and taking fax and phone messages. If you just want to send the odd fax it adds a printer to the list of installed printers and when you go to print your document you select it and it guides you through putting in the fax number, giving you the options of sending a coversheet etcwithout running the main prog.

  pj123 17:06 23 Jan 2005

Well, I use Supervoice which normally comes free with a dialup modem CD. It is only used to send faxes. To receive faxes without having to leave my PC on 24/7 I use Trinite at click here It costs £23 per year and all faxes received go into my email inbox.

  anchor 17:44 23 Jan 2005

I use Winfax Pro 10 for sending my faxes, (not cheap, but very good).

Like pj123, I use Trinite for receiving faxes; efficient and very reliable. The faxes arrive by e-mail in tiff format. You are given an exclusive 0870 number to use. The alternative, is leaving your PC on all the time.

  Stuartli 17:58 23 Jan 2005

All versions of Windows have an excellent fax program - in Windows95, 98 and 98SE it was Windows Messaging, found by loading the wms.exe and Awfax.exe files from the OS disk.

The layout and operation is almost identical to Outlook Express so it's easy to get on with from the start.

XP's Fax Console setup is found from Add/Remove Windows Components and is equally efficient and simple to use.

As I have dialup I use Windows to send faxes and the free Tiscali fax to e-mail service to receive them.

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