fax nu for coumpter active mag

  holligan 16:26 22 Jul 2003

ive tried to fax 6times it says wrong nu.it is what is in mag.anyone know.for your money back if not pleased with answers. from there pnone line.

  Aol Hater 16:29 22 Jul 2003


  ardvarc 17:51 22 Jul 2003

If what you are explaining is in PCA Mag then can you tell us what issue number and page number it is.

  ardvarc 17:55 22 Jul 2003

Or is it in Computer Active Mag, in which case can you try and be clearer explaining your problem.

  Mango Grummit 18:24 22 Jul 2003

If holligan is not a wind-up merchant my Aunt Millicent is really a man.

click here

click here

click here

  jakedawe 18:25 22 Jul 2003

Spelling, grammar and punctuation is no big deal, or so we are constantly reminded?

  holligan 19:10 22 Jul 2003

the nu to get your money back.it says 01753755930
but it does not work from the libery fax.its in the mag.we are not all goody too shoes you comp brAIN BOXES.

  jakedawe 19:12 22 Jul 2003

How utterly charming - and you are asking for help? Good luck.

  Smiler 19:34 22 Jul 2003

I think crying and wolf comes to mind with "hooligan"
When he really wants us it'll be too late. Don't know what college he goes to but they sure don't teach spelling or grammar.

  Andybear 19:41 22 Jul 2003


Good spelling and grammar does not equal being a goody two shoes. Someone can have perfect grammar and spelling and be a rebel! Also, showing good manners wouldn't go amiss - that's just common courtesy.

  -pops- 19:46 22 Jul 2003

Why isn't this complaint being directed towards Computer Active magazine who are responsible for this dilemma click here

They have their own forum.

It isn't really fair to expect a magazine such as PCA to contribute anything (good or bad) towards a rival.

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