Fax noise on Phone line

  Islandgirl 11:57 25 Mar 2004

I have BT Broadband - Yahoo, and occasionally when a call comes through, I get a noise on the line as if it is a Fax Machine. I cant hear the caller and cant clear it. I have been onto BT (I have a BT phone line) but can get no help from them. They only offer to come out and look at my phone, but if it is not their fault I will be subject to a £50 call out fee.
I have no Fax machine, and in fact Winfax will not work either since I've had Broadband. Has anyone else had this trouble. This occurs whether I am on line or not, even when the Computer is turned off. Joan

  anon1 12:30 25 Mar 2004

It may sound silly but have you got broadband filters on all your extension lines? Every socket (bt) in the house that has a phone connected needs a filter.

  anon1 12:31 25 Mar 2004

Oh and winfax cannot work on broadband unless you go through a third party. You can only use fax directly form your machine via a telephone line (not broadband)

  deadneat 12:36 25 Mar 2004

and also you might have a faulty filter. Get an extra one and rotate until faulty one found.

  daba 12:48 25 Mar 2004

Does this noise occur only on incoming calls? (i.e. do you answer the phone then hear the noise straight away?).

If so, it could be a FAX machine that is dialling your number, possibly programmed wrongly into its memory.

Have you tried 1471 to see if the calling FAX has left its number? If it has, then you could send a FAX to the machine, politely requesting the owner to amend or erase your number.

If 1471 doesn't give the callers number, contact BT again, via the 'faults' number 0800 800 151. Technically this is not a 'fault' as such, but BT should be sympathetic, as it may be classed as a 'nuisance'. They could for instance check the source of the calls themselves, and contact the offending party on your behalf.

Above all else, remember that BT cannot justify charging you if you are not the cause of the noise on the line.

If you are sure that your PC is NOT responsible, (ie. it is turned OFF when the noise occurs), and that there is no other equipment in your property that could put this noise on the line, (try unplugging EVERYTHING else except one telephone).

BT will be duty-bound to clear the noise from the line at NO cost to you.

You are paying line rental for a usable telephone line.

If you get no joy from above number, you could follow the advice given in the BT Phone Book, page 5,

  Islandgirl 12:59 25 Mar 2004

Every socket in the house has a filter. The only time this occurs is on incoming calls, probably only once or twice a day. The persons calling are always differnt people, sometimes friends who so not themselves have a fax machine. Have tried alternating the filters but these seem to be ok.
This has happened when the PC is off and well as when it is on - and online and offline - just seems to be random - BT have tested the line and say it is ok, so must be my equipment, but I cant see how this can be. Everything works fine most of the time.
Thank you for your responses. Joan

  daba 13:21 25 Mar 2004

if you disconnect ALL your other equipment like I suggested, and it still happens, how can it be your fault ?

are you saying this FAX noise is superimposed on voice calls from people you know?

if so, and all your other equipment is OFF or disconnected, then it must be a BT fault.

don't forget your Sky connection to the phone line if you have it.

  daba 13:22 25 Mar 2004

ps. do your callers also hear the noise?

  Confab 13:26 25 Mar 2004

Do you have or used to use a modem and if so is it plugged it to the phone socket?

  Confab 13:29 25 Mar 2004

I was just thinking that perhaps you used to use a modem that's still plugged into the phone socket and is set to auto answer after a certain number of rings.

  daba 13:31 25 Mar 2004

Confab - Islandgirl hears the noise if PC is switched OFF

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