Favourites problem : can't delete files

  John Ross 23:24 29 Apr 2003

I have edited my Favourites menu in Xp using Windows Explorer.
Now there are some files that have been attributed very long filenames somehow and I am unable to open , move or delete them. Even using the command prompt.
Any suggestions how to get rid of them?
thank you

  hugh-265156 23:32 29 Apr 2003

have you tried just clicking on favorites/organize favorites/ click on the file and delete?

  John Ross 23:37 29 Apr 2003

It didn't work

  DieSse 23:47 29 Apr 2003

try using the command prompt using the * option for selecting the files.

eg - for file names that starts abcdefgh...etc use del adcbefg*.* - just make sure no other favourites start with the same 7 characters.

  hugh-265156 23:48 29 Apr 2003

stumped im afraid but try tools/internet options/delete files(and all offline content)delete cookies/clear history and then try it.i know you cannot rename or actually delete the favorites folder itself is that what you meant?

  DieSse 23:49 29 Apr 2003

spot the typo!!!!

  John Ross 00:10 30 Apr 2003

The problem is that the filename is very long (even at the command prompt : it is 2 or 3 lines long and it seems this is causing a problem with the file system being able to do anything with it. It won't allow me to rename it to a shorter name as it cannot recognise the original file to allow me to change it.

  DieSse 00:13 30 Apr 2003

exactly - so use the * to get round the problem.

  hugh-265156 00:17 30 Apr 2003

try running chkdsk

  John Ross 00:22 30 Apr 2003

Thank you DieSse.
I cannot pretend to understand why, but this seems to have worked.
Looking at some of the similar queries posted in the past I wonder f this might have helped some others who had this problem.

  DieSse 02:32 30 Apr 2003

Old DOS trick to get rid of files with corrupt names, illegal characters in names, files with overlong names - from an old "DOSser" ;-))

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