Favourites on IE6

  Woody Ham 21:19 24 Oct 2008

A friend asked me how to rank alphabetically his favourites and I said right click and sort by name. However, he has IE6 and that does not provide a sort option on right click.

Does anyone know how to rank them alphabetically please?

  rdave13 21:33 24 Oct 2008

To be honest it's time to let go of IE6.
My personal opinion; of course.

  LAP 21:36 24 Oct 2008

Agreed with rdave13. I find it much easier to use.

  ambra4 21:45 24 Oct 2008
  Woody Ham 21:53 24 Oct 2008

..all. I tell him to upgrade!

  rdave13 21:53 24 Oct 2008

Excellent link.
IE7 the way to go as that version nearly on last legs.
Upwards and onwards, especially with PC software...:))

  musicman19 23:04 25 Oct 2008

Sorry to disagree with posts but I use I/E 6 & I can sort favourites by name. You just need to right click in the favourites rather than on any of the folders you may have.

  rdave13 23:22 25 Oct 2008

No need to be sorry to disagree. That's why this is a forum, :).
I'm now on IE8 beta 2, much better than 6 or 7.

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