Favorites to show as www.etc address in Word/Excel

  zzzpauli 19:53 09 Sep 2004

I want to put my Favorites into a Word/Excel document to show as a click here. address

The BigNostrils / Gongoozler solution would not work for me on a Win98 machine not a Win XP machine

  Pesala 20:05 09 Sep 2004

I can import IE favourites into Opera as a folder, then export that folder as an HTML document with active links. Is that what you want?

From Explorer, one can also export bookmarks as HTML. Does that not work? It didn't work for me, but I don't have any internet links in my favourites, only directories on my hard drive.

  GroupFC 21:24 09 Sep 2004

Sorry I don't know the answer - but I'm interested to know if there is one!

Can you post a link to the BigNostrils/Gongoozler solution (I have an XP machine but I can't for the life of me see why that might be relevant) and I'll give it a try!

  GroupFC 12:59 10 Sep 2004

Anybody got any ideas?

  daba 09:31 11 Sep 2004

I just tried this and it seemed to work OK...

Export whatever favourites folder/folders you wan to the a filename of your choice, retain the .htm extension.

With excel already open, simply drag the file from explorer into excel worksheet (if excel is not foremost window, drag it onto taskbar excel button and wait a couple of seconds, it brings excel to the front).

Then drop the favourites.htm file straight onto the worksheet.

The url's are shown as active, working, hyperlinks.

  GroupFC 21:39 11 Sep 2004

Yes thanks for that - that works but.......it shows the name of the item (such as Lloyds TSB Home or whatever) rather than the URL. I think what zzzpauli wanted and certainly what I am after is getting it to actually show as the web address (i.e. www. lloydstsb. com etc.).

Any other offers?

  daba 23:25 11 Sep 2004

Ok so if you R-Click the favoruite, choose properties, then you can copy the URL (it's already highlighted for you), and paste it into a cell in excel.

Then you'll get the URL instead of the active link.

It'll be a long-winded way of doing it, one-by-one, but I can't see how else it can be achieved. The 'export to another application' option is greyed-out on my export wizard, and I don't know how to enable it, perhaps it's something MS thought about but didn't implement.

I'll keep looking for another way.....

  GroupFC 16:54 12 Sep 2004

Yes same here - as you say the way you have described is a long-winded way, but may be the only way!

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