bouncer39 12:53 05 Jul 2007

when i open a link in my favorite list i get a message saying "windows cannot find http:/click here .com/co.uk.make sure you typed the name correctly etc" the web site opens but the message stays up until i close it. from firefox or its bookmark this does not happen. not i big poblem but annoying. any ideas folks? cheers paul kelly

  P1d 12:56 05 Jul 2007

The website seems to have a ".com" and ".co.uk" in it. What happens if you remove one so it ".com" or ".co.uk"?

  rdave13 14:36 05 Jul 2007

Change your favourite to click here

  bouncer39 15:53 05 Jul 2007

sorry, did not mean to say there was .com and .co.uk, just that any website comes up with this message when i open up my favorites from the start menu, cheers paul kelly

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