faulty soundcard or bad installation?

  simmo07 18:03 25 Jul 2007

im putting back in my soundblaster card but am not sure if im doing something wrong or the card is faulty. ive put the card in an available slot, and i have one wire which am assuming goes in TAD,CD IN OR AUX IN to the cd rom? i tried in cd in and booted but the pc wouldnt load. ages ago before my ram went i was having sound problems which im not sure are connected.

So am i missing something here? speakers are not yet connected if that helps.


  Stuartli 18:33 25 Jul 2007

If your soundcard is correctly installed, have you also installed the drivers?

Also, if you have onboard sound available, is it Disabled in the Bios?

The one wire you mention is probably for an optical drive, but if you Enable digital sound it won't be required (Device Manager>highlight your CD/DVD drive(s)>Properties>Properties tab>Enable Digital output on this drive).

TAD is Telephone Answering Device, so is unlikely to be used unless you still have a dial-up modem for any reason.

  laurie53 19:21 25 Jul 2007

TAD on Soundblaster is "Telephone Answering Device" so you can ignore that one (unless you have one of course!).

  simmo07 19:37 25 Jul 2007

well i cant install anything as my monitor just flashes when i put the sound card in. so not sure about that then. its only about 2yr old the card.


  simmo07 21:52 25 Jul 2007

pc wont boot. am wondering if the sound card is somehow conflicting with the gfx card?


  Stuartli 22:48 25 Jul 2007

Try a different slot first.

Your system should be switched off whilst removing or installing PCI cards, but left connected to the mains supply.

  simmo07 09:09 26 Jul 2007

ok this is what i did:

> Shut down pc
> Removed monitor, mouse, keyboard etc
> Put soundcard in why still on by the mains on my surge protector
> Screwed it in, connected one cable from aux to cd rom
> reconnected everything else

What happens now is pc is booting, monitor flashing amber. Turn monitor off and it lights green then returns to flashing amber.
I waited see what happened and my speakers made a fuzzy noise.

Im thinking the card has gone but someone here might be able to shed some more light.


  simmo07 19:42 26 Jul 2007

still no joy

  simmo07 14:25 08 Aug 2007

sound card went put a new one in and its working fine now

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