Faulty sound

  phil 19:45 27 Dec 2006

I've been having a problem with my speakers recently and thought that I'd got it pinpointed to my Creative sub woofer.

I was getting sound from the left hand speaker only so when I removed the sub and opened it up, moved the card a bit and then re-connected the sound came back on in both speakers again.

This would last while the pc was on and then return next day.

Got to be the sub then!!!

So before Xmas I promised my self a new speaker system in the sales.

Today I got a new Creative set, plugged it in and just one speaker has sound.

Obviously it's really the onboard sound that was at fault so I un-installed the Realtek 97 drivers and let XP find them again with no improvement.

Can the on-board sound break like that or could it be something else on the mother board.

I'd like to know before I go to a computer fair tomorrow to get a new sound card and find I've wasted time and money if it could be something more serious.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:01 27 Dec 2006

Possibly a faulty socket on the board.

  birdface 20:07 27 Dec 2006

Microsoft have been download the wrong sound drivers , It only seems to affect some computers,Normally if you went into the drivers and press roll back to previous driver,This normally works, Worth a try.

  Stuartli 20:13 27 Dec 2006

If your onboard sound chipset uses the Realtek AC650/655 chipset, then the latest drivers (A3.96) are available from:

click here

You should also check out the speakers' configuration and correct operation from the Soundman icon in the Notification tray.

  Stuartli 20:13 27 Dec 2006

A loosely fitting 3.5mm jackplug into the sound output jack could also cause the same problem.

  phil 20:16 27 Dec 2006


I don't think it's the drivers. The PC is only two years old and when I tried to rollback it said there were no previous drivers.

I have tried updating them too and it's the same version as the one I have now.

Fruit Bat /\0/
Are you saying that it could be the motherboard or just the socket that the speaker lead plugs into?

  phil 20:37 27 Dec 2006

I've updated the drivers as suggested by Stuartli but with out any difference. I tried the configuration panel but no sound is coming from the right speaker still.

The jackplug is a brand new one because I am now using some new speakers so I'll be off to Worcester computer fair tomorrow to get a new cheap card.

I'll post the results on here tomorrow afternoon.

  phil 15:57 28 Dec 2006

I got hold of a Creative SB card at the fair and installed it. Bit of a pig getting drivers to load but my speakers are now working.

Late last night I tried plugging the speaker lead into the line-out on the front of the PC and they worked, but still nothing in the back ones.

That more or less convinced me the problem was with the rear line out.

My next worry was that the on board sound chip was controlling both sets of line-outs. That was also confirmed once the new card had been installed because the front line-out - used for the headphones - now no longer works. (I couldn't see any wires going to the sound chip - I think it's all hard wired)

Luckily I now have a headphone socket on the speakers, something I didn't have previously.

Thanks for you help lads. I'll close this thread now but if anyone has an idea how to enable my front connectors AND keep the back one's working then I'd be grateful

  Stuartli 16:33 28 Dec 2006

You have to Disable onboard sound in the Bios if you install a sound card.

By the way, you have to configure the Realtek onboard sound setup for 4.1 upwards - the Line Out and Mic sockets then switch to controlling the additional speakers' output.

Your motherboard manual should cover this area quite comprehensively.

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