Faulty removable HDD?

  popgeorge 15:43 23 Oct 2005

I have purchased a Maxtor 300GB one touch Removable hard disk drive from Amazon. Having installed the software I found that it failed to copy “selected files” and caused the system to hang. Using “Trueimage” I was able to make backup copy’s of the complete system. 24 hours later and the drive disappeared from the system.
I have checked out the fire wire connection by using it to capture video footage, and connecting the supplied USB connector cause the system to go into the search mode for suitable software. As I am using a USB and not a USB2 I imagine that this only proved that I had some sort of connection.
I am a bit reluctant to go into the return mode, as the disk contains my complete file system and I would have liked to be able to wipe it before I sent it back, and should I carry out any more checks before returning it?

  Diemmess 16:18 23 Oct 2005

If it is Win98 or 98SE this will probably be unable to recognise a single 300Gb HD.

The fact that you need related software, and you don't have a USB 2 port makes me think - '98' in a less than new computer.

It is possible to work around this, but it would help to know a bit more detail of your computer.

  popgeorge 16:26 23 Oct 2005

I have been using the removable HDD with XP home edition. I have been quite please with its operation for a couple of days, but suddenly it seemed to disappear from the window explorer list and i can no longer access it.

  woodchip 16:34 23 Oct 2005

If you are using this drive on Win98 or WinME you have to load drivers supplied with the drive on cd

  Diemmess 16:39 23 Oct 2005

That helps a lot!

Worth a visit to Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager and look for yellow signs.

Since you are using XP, try Disk Management accessed by a right click on My Computer and select Manage....If you trawl through Disk Managment and Physical Locations you may find a clue to what has happened.

  popgeorge 17:30 23 Oct 2005

Have taken your advise and looked through Devise Manager and there is nothing out of the ordinary. The drive which was given letter N just doesn,t appear. On one of the lists I noted that the item read "Maxtor devise locked" though how to unlock well thats a bit unclear.
I can't see much alternative than to return it to Amazon as fault, but after a couple of days in use, that seems a bit of a poor effort.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:49 23 Oct 2005

Maxtor's DriveLock, which is designed to protect the drive's contents from unauthorized access in the event that the drive is loss or stolen.

DriveLock doesn't actually encrypt the drive contents, which is probably a good thing since doing so would take an extremely long time — even if the drive were only partially full. Instead, the drive simply makes the partition inaccessible (and invisible) until you enter the correct password.

When secured, the drive shows up in My Computer, but only under the "Other" heading with the label "Maxtor Locked Drive". If you want to use DriveLock and also plan to tote the drive to multiple computers, you must first install the Maxtor utility software on each machine.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:53 23 Oct 2005

SAS lock protocal click here

  woodchip 18:55 23 Oct 2005

For the drive to be enabled there should be icon with green arrow on it in system tray.

Have you tried removing all USB in Device Manager and then restart computer for windows to reset the USB

  popgeorge 07:50 24 Oct 2005

Hi Fruit Bat,
Sorry for the delay but have been sticking my hair back in. I was pleased that you picked up on the Maxtor drive lock, although I have never set the security to do anything. Going into the menu at the moment and selecting "Security setting," an empty message panel appears with no options. The same panel comes up with all selections no mater which of the three i select. I have removed and reinstalled the software without any improvement.
By the way i can't use the USB option as i do not have a USB.2 connection. I would have thought that connecting the supplied USB cable to the existing USB would possible operate the set up only much slower on transfer. Then again this may need different software which will answer the reason why it doesn't seem to want to connect.
Hi..Woodchip..No green arrow in system tray.
Most answers seem to think i was connected to USB
Please be aware that it a Fire wire connection which seems to have failed!!!

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