Faulty PSU Symptoms

  King Diamond 20:05 19 Mar 2003

Does anyone know what symptoms to look out for in a dodgy PSU, or a good site that details these.

I'm doing a question for college on it and just wanna beef up my answer with more suggestions.


  davidg_richmond 00:38 20 Mar 2003

ive had a dodgy psu twice before - symptoms i had were either not switching on at all or having to rapidly press the power button about 50 times before it would come on (started at about 5 times and got worse until it wouldnt come on altogether).

  bow1 15:36 20 Mar 2003


  King Diamond 16:03 20 Mar 2003

Any more symptoms guys & gals of dodgy PSU's, maybe early warning signs that somethings about to go or has gone wrong.

Cheers for the reply, no idea what the 2nd reply means, lol!

  bow1 16:44 20 Mar 2003

Simply puting your thread back on page one :)

  Diemmess 17:40 20 Mar 2003

My own experience is limited to PSUs that have failed completely.......There is simply a total lack of response, just nothing happens not a light or a sound anywhere!

It is possible to "improve a computer" by adding more goodies until the PSU can't cope. At this point I am just guessing, but assuming nothing actually burns, then I would expect anything from blue screens and spurious error messages about inability to read or write to various places, to a complete crash or reboot.

PSUs are quite subtle devices and when asked to produce more amps than they can, will either burn out or may simply shut down the circuit that cannot be supplied with a critically accurate voltage.

  A15 17:49 20 Mar 2003

I have had a faulty PSU, that I suppose the best terminology would be did not put out a clean supply. It appears to have been fluctuating it's output. The first sypmtom was distorted sound, which I first put down to other things, then interference on the graphics side. Before I realised it was the PSU I had gone into every other solution, including rebuilding my machine! I also lost my memory to it. I suppose the non regulated voltage must have spiked it. Luckily it was on an old spare system.

  Rayuk 18:37 20 Mar 2003

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  Stalker 19:37 20 Mar 2003

My experience with a faulty psu was constant Blue screening when anything intense was done on my machine, this was because the 5v line was only producing 3.9v.

also a problem with the machine crashing then when going to reboot, failing to turn on without leaving it for a while.


  Markus 20:15 20 Mar 2003

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  King Diamond 20:44 20 Mar 2003

Cheers lads...that was a great response and very much appreciated.

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