Faulty psu?

  minter 11:57 04 Jan 2004

Have a system with a 420 watt psu. Plug fitted with 3 amp fuse. Keeps blowing!

Do I need to fit a 13 amp fuse, or is the psu faulty?

  johnnyrocker 12:05 04 Jan 2004

suspect psu m8.


  Gr@h@m 12:06 04 Jan 2004

Proper fuse rating would be 5 amp.

  gold 47 12:07 04 Jan 2004

You shouldn't go above 5.AMP NEVER PUT A 13.AMP IN
If this continues you should replace your PSU
my computer runs well using a 300w PSU.

  BlueMeanie 12:21 04 Jan 2004

Looks like the PSU is faulty.

(A 5 amp fuse is suitable for appliances up to 1200 watts, 13 amp fuse 3000 watts !!!)

Call into your nearest Computer shop and purchase a new one - should be £15-25 or cheaper at a computer fair.

  Gr@h@m 12:23 04 Jan 2004

You're quite right about 13 amp, of course. Unfortunately, most new computers have 13 amp fuses fitted, as this is a standard lead. A good time for everyone to check their fuses.

  minter 12:25 04 Jan 2004

Thanks folks, looks like I will be getting new psu.

Thought my calculations were right, but better checking with PCA and being certain.

  Diemmess 12:26 04 Jan 2004

The fuse is there to protect the circuit NOT the appliance.........In other words even a 500watt PSU should not demand more than "2 and a bit"amps.

A 13 amp fuse is sufficient for a large electric fire, and with finer wiring as in a computer could have a firey result when drawing close to 13 amps.

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