Faulty monitor?

  KJ823 08:56 24 Sep 2007

I recently started a thread about an error message I have been receiving. My PC crashes but when I restart a message saying I am not set to the optimum resolution appears. Several very helpful people suggested various things but I have been still getting this message from time to time.

Reason for this new thread is that I have a slight update and would like someone’s confirmation that my thinking is right! [not often the case].

Recently when I received the error message I left the CPU switched on but disconnected the monitor. I attached another monitor and it was fine. I reattached my original monitor and I still saw the error message. I did this several times and it was consistent.

Am I right in saying that the problem must be with my monitor? Also., is there any other way I can check if the monitor is faulty? I just wanted to check before I fork out on a new one as I presume they are not the kind of things you would have repaired.

Thanks to anyone who can help.

  wee eddie 09:10 24 Sep 2007

so that we don't cover previous ground. I'll wait for the link.

Did you try the solutions?

  birdface 11:18 24 Sep 2007

Have you gone into device manager and tried up-dating the monitor driver.

  DieSse 12:05 24 Sep 2007

Well - the optimum resolution for your monitor is indeed 1280x1024 - so the message is in fact telling you the truth.

I don't think you have a problem at all.

Messages after a crash - well who knows what will happen after a crash - why is it crashing should occupy you more, I suggest.

Message after swapping monitors - that's Windows doing it's "plug-'n-pray" thing. It suggests your monitor is maybe not the one logged into your settings - can you check the hardware setup to see if it's specifically detected your monitor.

I'm inclined to think it's all just a consequence of your not running the monitor at it's optimum (recommended) resolution setting.

  martjc 13:05 24 Sep 2007

...running the monitor on another pc!? If it doesn't work then it is at fault. If it does work, look elsewhere. Suggest finding the latest drivers for display adaptor [graphics card].

  martjc 13:10 24 Sep 2007

... having read your previous thread, you mention this 'error message' in a box, moving around the screen?

That sounds to me like a piece of spyware - Windows error messages don't move about as you describe.

Will have a little trawl around and post back if anything else.

  martjc 13:16 24 Sep 2007

...click here
by putting your complete error code into Google.
If yours is a Samsung lcd it fits with this.
There are some more references to it offered. It suggests the monitor is displaying the message rather than Windows itself.

  DieSse 14:24 24 Sep 2007

If, as has been suggested (and looks likely), it's an internal monitor generated message that you can turn off - then that should do the trick.

Although 1280x1024 is the recommended resolution for the monitor - on a 17" monitor I can imagine you might want to run it lower.

If you do want to run it at 1280x1024 and it's the resolution that actually is changing - then that's a matter for the graphics card, graphics driver, or for sorting out the crashes.

  KJ823 20:43 24 Sep 2007

Hi to all trying to help!
Sorry for delay in responding to your advice but not been able to log on all day. Will read all the suggestions and get back to you! Didn't want anyone to hink I was ignoring the advice.
I can confirm my monitor is set to the correct resolution DieSse and has been since bought with the PC just over a year ago.

  DieSse 22:42 24 Sep 2007

"I can confirm my monitor is set to the correct resolution"

That's fine - this setting, as I'm sure you appreciate, is done in the Display Properties, and not in the monitor.

Thus what you seem to be looking at is two things

1 - A crash is changing the resolution in display properties - well yes, I suppose it well might.

2 - Trying a different monitor is changing the resolution in display properties - well yes it can.

So you need to check if the resolution really has changed when you get the message on the monitor. If the message is from the monitor - as seems possible - and you can turn it off, then you should be able to see if the resolution has changed.

If it has - then that's you problem.

If it hasn't, but the monitor was telling you it has - then that may well be an issue with the monitor.

So your task right now is to find out where the problem really lies.

  KJ823 08:35 25 Sep 2007

Thanks to everyone.

DieSse - your explanation is very helpful, thank you. The problem I have is that when I get the error message I can't then check or change the resolution, it simply won't let me do anything.

Marg7 - sorry to be dense [I feel very embarassed when dealing with people such as yourself who is obviously an expert as I am certainly not!]but I do not know the make of my graphics card and don't even know how to check. I don't even know if it is 'on board' sorry.
Also I haven't yet found how to turn off resolution error messages on the monitor but still working on this!

Martjc - the message is definitely moving around and the link was helpful. Trouble is I can't do anything when I get the error message, so I can't check the resolution....


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