Faulty laptop transfer

  knocker655 21:24 12 Oct 2010

I have a compaq laptop which I've had for a few years. In the last few weeks things have started going wrong with in. Within a few minutes of it being turned on everything locks up and the screen freezes. I can move the mouse cursor, but the busy symbol is on permanently. I've had someone take a look at it and they reckon I have a virus. Their advice is a total format. I don't want to do this as I have lots of documents, photos and music that I want to recover.

Around the same time that computer started going wrong, I also got a new MacBook. Clearly the ideal solution would be to transfer everything to the new computer.

Problem is, even in safe mode, the old computer locks up within half an hour at most. I've transferred somethings over via a usb stick but I can tell the process would take an age and likely end with a lot of data getting lost.

Can someone advise me of a good way to move it all across. Is there someway to use the hard drive from the old laptop as an external drive and move stuff across. If so what would this involve? I'm not the most computer literate but am willing to have a crack at DIY with some instruction and advice. If I need additional equipment, can you tell me what I'd need, how much and where to get it from.

Many thanks

  woodchip 21:32 12 Oct 2010

Sounds like it may be a damaged hard drive

  robin_x 22:05 12 Oct 2010

You will need a USB caddy.

click here

Probably 2.5" SATA, but check what is in your laptop.

Caddy may or may not need (or be supplied with) an external power supply.

Check your specs and download a maintenance pdf here, to see how to remove your drive.

Compaq site/docs usually very good.

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  BRYNIT 23:16 12 Oct 2010

If your having problems with the Hard drive you could try using ubuntu click here

Boot from the disk you have created does not use the hard drive and may allow you to transfer the files from your hard drive to a USB drive.

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