Faulty laptop lid?

  kayell1 11:55 27 Sep 2011

My granddaughter has a 13 month old Acer laptop (just out of warranty) and it has developed a fault. When the lid is raised fully upright and the unit is switched on all you get is a glow on the screen. However, when the lid is raised only to about halfway (45% or so)it will switch on and boot up OK. Any ideas what it could be please?


  onthelimit1 14:08 27 Sep 2011

It's probably the wiring harness from mobo to screen. It may even just need the plugs reseating. Trouble is, it requires a fair amount of dismantling to reach those. If you are OK with this sort of thing, you may find the service manual here

  spuds 15:21 27 Sep 2011

I would take this up with the retailer or manufacturer, because an item like this could be covered under consumer law for up to 5 years. Being only one month out of warranty, would make me more concerned in seeking help.

What I would suggest is that you do an internet search, so as to see if this problems as been reported before. If it as, then there would be a stronger case for you to proceed with.

  onthelimit1 16:33 27 Sep 2011


a ggod idea but, from personal experience, Acer can be quite 'sniffy' about this. 'tis worth a try first though (I hadne't noticed the age when I replied).

  kayell1 17:24 27 Sep 2011

The laptop has just been back from Acer as one of the keys had broken and a new keyboard had been fitted under warranty . It was a day out of warranty and Acer only did it as a gesture of good will ..according to them. Is it possible the faulty screen connection is some way connected to Acer's repair work?

  gengiscant 17:50 27 Sep 2011

I would say it was highly likely. So worth getting in touch and explaining the situation.

  spuds 19:01 27 Sep 2011

A day out of warranty means very little, and by Acer replacing the keyboard, as a fault, could well mean that the 'new' fault occured at the time of repair. Get in touch with Acer and explain your concern.

You haven't mentioned how long it was from having the laptop returned, to when you first had the new problem. Can you supply this information?.

  kayell1 13:12 28 Sep 2011

It was about 10 days from getting the laptop back and the new problem.

  spuds 13:16 28 Sep 2011

Still would advice that you get in touch with the repairer.

You could also contact Consumer Direct http://www.consumerdirect.gov.uk for advice, before you contact Acer.

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