Faulty HP Printer.... I think. Do you?

  Simsy 22:35 23 Jun 2007

Folks I recently, (a month ago), bought a new printer for my son. It's a HP 9670, which is an A3 printer.

It arrived very quickly and he got it set up and working, (on his newish iMAC). I kept telling him to check that it works OK printing A3... but it took him a while to get round to doing that...

When he eventually did, he was a little unhappy with the result... He decribed it as being "a bit messed up at the end". The same document, (a large pdf), printed our OK on a mates A3 printer, eliminating the document as the source...

Now he's home from University I can see the problem...

When a page is printing, it is mostly OK, however, starting about 2 cm from the bottom there is a band about 1 cm high, that goes right across the print, that is not quite right... It looks as though the print head backward/forward strokes are out of alignment with each other, and there is a fair bit of what looks like "dithering"... then for the bottom 1cm of the print all is well again.

This is repeatable using A4 or A3 paper. Obviously unless you have something that needs printing in this area it wont show as a problem.

Choosing whether to print "borderless" or not does not seem to make a difference.

I wondered if it was something mechanical, with the weight of the paper having an effect, but tried all the obvious mechanical things, (paper supports etc), to no avail.

I then wondered if it was a driver issue, so installed it on my Windows PC. The problem is exactly the same which would, it seems to me, rule out a driver issue. I used the driver supplied on the CD, and then the latest one on the HP site, (which seems to be the same version anyway).

I therefore conclude that it's a fault with the printer, and I shall contact the supplier on Monday, but I thought I'd try here first, on the remote chance that someone has encountered this before, and knows the fault/remedy.

I've had a look on the HP site and google, with nothing matching this appearing. I'm open to any offers!

Thanks in anticipation,



  ambra4 22:56 23 Jun 2007

Did you any research before buying printer as most uses say that this printer is rubbish

I purchased the HP 9670 printer primarily to print A3 size Newsletters. Just out of the box, and just after setting up the printer I proceeded printing the newsletter. By the 2nd sheet the printer ended up totally shredding the paper. The paper was newly opened and was in perfect condition (i.e. no folds, bends or dog ears…). I would typically (attempt to) print about 70 A3 sheets per newsletter release. On leaving the printer to print on it’s own about 40% of the paper would either be shredded, or not aligned properly when printed on or would result in misprinting of several pages at once due to the page feeder managing to take more than one page in at a time! This printer was a waste of money, time and effort. I would strongly advise anybody looking for a printer of this speciation to look elsewhere! The HP 9670 would make a better paper shedder than it would make a printer!

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  BioBob 23:43 23 Jun 2007

I gave up on HP in the end - look good, but always damn unreliable. i should ahve learnt after the first 2 went wrong!

Switched to Canon in the end - fantastic results. GOt it from Dabs (click here) . There maybe other manufacturers out there that have alternatives... Lexmark, Brother, Kyocera, Epson spring to mind.

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