Faulty Hard Drive

  diesel1948 17:20 10 Sep 2004

My computer has just been upgraded after going bang, new processor new motherboard bit of memory. The gent who did it gave me a disc, Norton ghost 7.5 and said I could start up with Windows XP Pro from afresh. Or start up with the old operating system Windows 98E were I could retreive all my documents. This choice was all on a 40 gig hard drive which seems faulty. I have another hard drive to use. When I start up I get a warning telling me a hard drive may fail and it advises me to back up files. I press F1 and it starts. When I first got computer back I tried to start up in windows 98E to get all my documents back, it loaded it all in and then crashed, I attempted several times with same result. What I want to know is could I take that hard drive out of computer and without causing any problems to it, or could it cause problems with the main hard drive? . Then perhaps try and put it into another computer or take it to a computer shop and ask him to retreive the contents of the document folder and put them onto a DVD or a few CDS. Is it a simple job to remove a hard drive? I could attempt starting up with the 98E system again, but everytime you do this you have to start from scratch again with XP Pro and install printers, internet, software and the like. Anyone got any suggestions to sort this problem out.

  Dorsai 18:35 10 Sep 2004

It certianly sounds like the old HDD is faulty.

If it were me i would set the re-built pc to use the new HDD, with whatever OS on it that you choose.

Once it is all up and running I would put the old HDD in as a either primary slave or secondary slave.

and TRY to copy the files you want off.

But if the old HDD is faulty there is the chance that the faulty drive might to damage to the new mobo. It depends on what the fault is, and that is anyone's guess.

Other than that it is a data recovery service/program, and i will leave it to others to make suggestions, as i have no experiance in this area.

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