Faulty graphics card ?

  beb 14:18 16 May 2008

Is there a test i can run to see if graphics card is faulty ( geforce 8400gs approx 8 months old , was on a tight budget , but it dose the job ) having problems starting up im getting lock ups and getting 5-6 beeps , and have to reboot 3-4 times but once running everthing is fine . I have disabled the graphics card and used the onboard graphics with no probs at all , just wondering if i have a graphics card problem or a main board problem , any help much appriciated .

  Gongoozler 17:26 16 May 2008

I don't know of a test for your graphics card, but the beeps suggest to me a problem with the card memory. The actual meaning of the beeps depends on the make of the computer BIOS click here.

  chub_tor 17:32 16 May 2008

Certainly sounds like a graphics card problem, probably not motherboard if the on board graphics work OK.
Have you tried updating the graphics drivers, or uninstalling and letting Windows find the drivers again?

  Gongoozler 17:44 16 May 2008

chub_tor, if the beeps are during POST, then it can't be a driver problem.

beb, has the card ever worked reliably? Does the computer ever fail once it has booted? If not, you could try warming the graphics card before booting by CAREFUL application of a hair dryer. If it then boots correctly this will suggest a temperature related problem.

  wotbus@ 20:59 16 May 2008

Before you remove the side of your tower and sit blowing hot air in with your hairdrier !!!!!!
go here and download a program which you can run on your PC and benchmark your graphics:
click here
If you can run perfectly OK without the card installed then it looks like a faulty card.
You have had the card 8 months but how long have you had the fault?

  karmgord 21:36 16 May 2008

is your psu powerful enough for the graphics card?

  karmgord 21:40 16 May 2008

has the graphics card a cooling fan if so is it working?

  beb 01:59 17 May 2008

hi thanks for your input .... graphics card was working ok upto about 5 weeks ago , then i had the odd time with this problem , but now its ever time i start up , some times it just locks up with a blank screen , then i have to reboot then i get 5-6 fast beeps , reboot again and get the the windows welcome screen then screen just frezzes , reboot again then everthing is working ok , get no problems when i finally get up and running , as i said i get no probs when i use the onboard graphics so i think it is a graphic card problem . Ive just removed and refitted it with the latest drivers still get the same problem .

ps , thanks for the suggestion about a hairdrier ummm dont own one , im single ( divorced ) and BALD ... lol..:)

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