Faulty CPU ??

  MadJacky 12:32 19 Feb 2003

I've just upgraded my daughters PC with a P3 800 CPU, however I'm beginning to wonder if the processor I've just bought is naff. The PC powers up & boots right up to the windows 98 screen then the screen goes blank and it starts rebooting all over again,this process just keeps repeating itself over and over again. I've tried booting into safe mode but it just hangs at the windows 98 screen. I'm pretty sure the problem is with the newer CPU because as soon as I put the old P3 700 CPU back in and reset the mobo jumpers all is OK and it runs fine.

The new CPU is a P3 800/256/133/1.7v on a QDI advance 10F mobo.

Does this sound like a duff processor?, after building/upgrading 3 PC's with no probs this has got me well and truly stumped.

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