Faulty on board Video

  new user 283 14:37 30 Mar 2007

A friend has an old Time computer with a AMD MS 5191 Motherboard with on board graphics.
Due to rough handling the video output socket has broken off and no longer works.
I put in a PCI graphics card (no APG slot), but the computer will not display, presumably because it is trying to access the on board card.
How can I disable the onboard video if it no longer works.
Any ideas appreciated

  Hackwatch 14:41 30 Mar 2007

When the PC starts up you need to get into the BIOS to disable the On-Board graphics.

  new user 283 14:51 30 Mar 2007

I cant access the bios as there is no diplay at all

  Technotiger 14:58 30 Mar 2007

Hi, have you tried pressing Del during the startup process - this is how one would normally get into the BIOS.

  new user 283 15:09 30 Mar 2007

yes I have tried this, the screen just stays blank.
I Know the pci card works because I have tried it in a different machine

  Technotiger 15:15 30 Mar 2007

Hmm, could be something other than, or in addition to, the video output socket - perhaps internal damage. Rough Handling? was it dropped or what - if so might the mobo itself be kaput?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:21 30 Mar 2007

Look for 2 things.
1) Does the manual tell you how to disable the onboard video? This must be disabled before any other card can be used.

2) In the Bios, there is a place to active the PCI Palette Snoop. This will allow the motherboard to search and use a PCI video card.

click here is the Bios site. If you have any questions about how to setup the Bios correctly

  new user 283 15:57 30 Mar 2007

I dont think it was dropped but one of the pins got bent and the lead was forcibly pushed in and dislodged the socket.

I have checked the manual and there is no mention of disabling the onboard video other than thruogh the bios which I cant access due to there being no display

  Technotiger 16:08 30 Mar 2007

When the socket was dislodged that might have caused other problems internally - just grasping at straws now I'm afraid.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:11 30 Mar 2007

Bit of a catch 22 situation.

Can you resolder the socket to the motherboard?

£15 click here

  new user 283 16:22 30 Mar 2007

I did look at resoldering the socket but most of the pins have broken so I would probably need a new socket.
My friend doesnt really want to spend loads on this machine as it is quite old and has really low specs.
The motherboard that Fruit Bat /\0/\ suggested would be £28, and you could get a "new" base unit for not much more, and with better specs.
I will suggest this to them as there doesn't seem be be much hope for the Time computer

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