Faulty Agp ? and CPU Hardware crash ?

  daveg66 13:58 26 Jun 2005

I recently upgraded by xp2100+ desktop system to an xp3000+ which came boxed with a new heatsink & fan, I did the jumper change on the mobo, all was fine Bios detected the new cpu, as did a benchmark & system info, 15 minutes into use and a system hardware fault crashed the system, subsquent reboots, tinkerings, cmos clearances, a bios update & a new bios chip have'nt been able to keep the system running stable at 2.2 ghz for anymore than an hour, the system is currently running with the xp3000+ underclocked at 1733 mhz and all is stable but it's not making use of the cpu's power.

In addition prior to the bios update my 128mb x8 agp card worked fine the mobo (a jetway polaris 400) now refuses to send any signal from the agp slot, i've tried another 64 mb agp and again no signal, I can only get a signal via a very old pci card. Despite not sending a signal both the agp's i've tried get power the 128mb direct the psu the other from the mobo(the fans work).

I have a 4 year old 300w power supply, a dvd rom, hard drive, sound card, a gb of ram, a Gainward fx 5700ultra (the 128mb agp) and numerous extras (cdrw, adsl modem, printer etc) connected via 2 powered hubs, running under win 2000 pro.

Has anyone got any ideas as to why my cpu, which is only 2 weeks old, would crash the system, and why can't i get a signal from my agp.

  jimv7 14:36 26 Jun 2005

It could be down to a number of things, 2100 to 3000 is a pretty big jump, the mobo might not support it(no matter what the manual says) the cpu might be faulty, but I would try a different psu, as 300 watt seems a bit small theses days, the graphice might not be getting the correct voltage as might the cpu.

  daveg66 16:02 26 Jun 2005

I'd have said it was the psu, but even without my power hungry agp card (needs 250w) plugged in, the cpu does'nt go past the hour mark. Can the new cpu be that power hungry ?.

As for getting the correct voltage, any ideas as to where to look etc ?.

Are there any way that i can test the cpu or agp card to see if it is faulty ?.

  Joe R 16:12 26 Jun 2005


this will give you the voltage requirements for the cpu, and if, you wish to change the setting via the bios settings, the bit you need will come under, " power settings/options etc"

  Joe R 16:13 26 Jun 2005


click here

  jimv7 16:15 26 Jun 2005

Its not just the cpu, the rest of the computer needs power as well, a faulty psu or overheating cpu would give these symptoms.

  Joe R 16:19 26 Jun 2005


as jimv7 correctly states, there could be a few things that could be the cause of your problem, the psu, cpu, ram, and graphics to name but some.

  daveg66 16:37 26 Jun 2005

The cpu came as a complete retail package from dabs.com, which included a heat sink & fan, so could it be overheating ?.

If i'd installed the cpu wrong would it have worked at all, or just for a few minutes, the fact that it's working now albeit underclocked tells me it must be installed on the mobo ok ?.

Although i may be wrong I suspect it's either an insufficient power supply, a faulty mobo or the bios is'nt set up correctly.

My main concern is the agp becuase it's the most expensive bit in the system, if i can get it working then i'd have the option of going for a cheap barebones system and transferring the ram etc over, if the agp is faulty it would probably be cheaper to buy a new system as some on ebay can be had for £300 complete with 256mb unichrome pro 3d, a gig of ram and an amd 64 cpu.

Wot you do recommend?, get a new case and psu, get the above and new mobo (skt 753 or 939), or bite the bullett and get a new system ?

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